To my daughter on your 2nd birthday

a-letter-to-my-daughter-on-her-2nd-birthday-readaraptor-hatchlingDear Spike,

You are two. All of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, you have been in our lives for more than 2 years. Inside and outside my body, I can barely remember a time you weren’t around. Yet it feels live only yesterday you were born.

drunk-mum-spike-readaraptor-hatchlingIn the last 6 months you have had a lot of changes. You moved into a new class at nursery and since then you have blossomed into an incredible little girl. You’ve got such a strong personality when you allow yourself to let it show and you adore your football. I do wish you were a little more outgoing when it comes to visiting new places but the fact you still cling to me for a good 20 mins when we go to a new place reminds me how much you do need me. The shyness that you express at first soon disappears though and you can mostly be found tearing around like the whirlwind that you are, making your mar on every setting.

spike-diddikicks-two-year-old-readaraptor-hatchlingI love how much you love going to Diddikicks every Saturday morning and how much its helping you learn new things. You listen to the coaches now and simply adore Lucy, especially when she’s doing cool downs with you. The way you strut your stuff around that hall every week makes me beam with pride. And shows me that there is no way you won’t achieve everything you want to achieve. I love that.

Although we could do without the waking through the night and the “NOOOOOO MUMMY!!!!” etc, you are the best little one to be around. You are caring when you want to be and absolutely hilarious most of the time. There isn’t a day goes by when you don’t make me laugh about something. Especially with your tendency to say goodbye to everything, even when you don’t know the name of it “Goodbye, that!”

truck-trail-fun-leyland-readaraptor-hatchlingYou’re speaking in full sentences, with all the attitude you can give the words you know, and you demand full attention when you want it. You are stubborn and strong willed, but I ain’t ever gunna tell you thats a bad thing. Although we clash and bang heads on the odd occasion, you will always be my favourite girl. And I never want you to change.

So, Spike. As you hit your 2nd birthday, I want to ask you something. Please can you just stay the way you are? The funny, stubborn, independent, beautiful girl who needs to know where her mummy and daddy are at all times, but is happy to go and explore as she sees fit!

I love you.