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Days out: Haigh Hall Park

spike-haigh-hall-day-out-readaraptor-hatchling-jumpingWith things a little tight at the minute we’re trying to do as much as possible with as little as possible. Spike LOVES being out of the house and in the great outdoors so when we were trying to decide what to this weekend we thought we’d give a new park a go. We’ve exhausted all the parks close to us; there are only so many times you can walk in the woods so familiar that you could do it blindfold. So we knew a new park would need to be a little further away. I’d heard nice things about Haigh Hall Park so we decided to give it a go.

Unfortunately our free day out wasn’t exactly free as we had to drive there and pay for parking. The parking was a bit annoying as we had barely any cash, but £1.50 for the whole day isn’t bad… Then when we got there the visitors bit where the cafe is and things was being refurbished so things were a bit scruffy. We grabbed a coffee in the cafe while I fed Spike her lunch and it was average priced for latte, plus the cake was amazing!

The toilets were in the blospike-haigh-hall-day-out-readaraptor-hatchling-eatingck being refurbished so they had temporary ones up in cabins which were fine but had no changing facilities. There was a nappy bin but no changing table so I ended up changing talk on a ledge that was no wider than she is and really high up. Its a good job she actually understands “just sit there for a minute” and was in the mood to listen!

We walked, all three of us – there was no stopping Spike! – down from the visitor centre area to the play park which to be honest was awesome. We have a really, really nice play park near us in our main big park but its wood chip which T doesn’t like because we spend half of our time stopping Spike from eating the wood chip! This was grass and pavements with soft artificial grass under the actual equipment so it was lovely and soft but not edible!

Spike had a play on the swings then me and her went on the baby style see-saw which was hilarious because obviously I weighed waaaay more than she did! We had a go on the roundabout and her daddy took her down the big slide and I climbed the climbing wall. Spike was running around that play park like it was her home and I had to chase her away from the bigger kids stuff a few times. She really was in her element!

spike-haigh-hall-day-out-readaraptor-hatchling-daddy-trainAfter we’d suitably worn Spike out on the play equipment we were ready to go for a walk, We saw the high ropes bit which was shut but looks like so much fun for when it is open, and an awesome mini-golf which was only £1 to play, I’ll be going there at some point! Then walked towards the Walled Garden. Unfortunately there was a private event going on in the Walled Garden so it was shut off to the public but we could kind of see in and it looked really big and lovely so I want to go back to walk around there for sure!

We embarked on a walk through the woodland and decided that sticking to the main path would be boring so ended up on a path really unsuitable for the pushchair, but never mind, it was fun! While walking through the gorgeous woodland we noticed the miniature railway line and decided once we’d been on our walk that we’d do that. Me and T love walking so we really enjoyed the woodland trails and Spike really loved seeing all the dogs that were being walked there too!

We found the miniature railway station and went for a ride on that, which only cost £1 each again for me and T, Spike was free, so I thought it wasn’t a bad deal. Spike loved the trees whizzing past and seeing people wave at us on the train so it was worth the money for her little laugh. Once we got back to the ‘station’ we walked up to Haigh Hall itself with a couple with a dachshund. We really want a dachshund and Spike seems to adore them too so we were talking about the particular types and how this one was around the couples granddaughter who is the same age as Spike. It pretty much cemented the idea of a dachshund for us once we have the money to get one!

spike-haigh-hall-day-out-readaraptor-hatchling-swingHaigh Hall itself was beautiful and a couple was getting married there and having their photo taken as we went passed which was lovely. I can only imagine what its like inside because obviously we didn’t go in but man, I think it would be a beautiful place to get married if the outside was anything to go by! However it was so windy outside that its a good job the bride didn’t have a veil on!

Once we’d done the lap of the park, the train ride and had a play on the play park we had probably been at Haigh Hall Park for a good 3 hours and Spike was knackered with all her walking/running around so we decided to go home. I was a bit sad as there was a fun thing on the play park we didn’t get to play on but at least we know its a good park to go to again!

I will definitely be visiting Haigh Hall Park again because it was lovely. The crazy golf we didn’t get to play and the walled gardens we didn’t get to walk through are enough to draw me in at least once more and hopefully next time it will be a bit sunnier!