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Days out North West: Blackpool Model Village

Blackpool-Model-Village-days-out-north-west-review-readaraptor-hatchlingOver Spike’s birthday weekend I wanted to do as many things I thought she would enjoy as possible. We often go out on a weekend for family days but I wanted to do something a little different. That’s why on an overcast bank holiday weekend we found ourselves in Blackpool visiting Stanley Park and Blackpool Model Village

Stanley Park

stanley-park-readaraptor-hatchlingI have seen Stanley Park from the roadside a few times. We’ve driven past on the way to the zoo and various other times and I thought it looked nice. So when I saw that Blackpool Model Village was there too I thought it would make for a good day out. We arrived and parked up on the roadside for free, which is always a bonus! Then made our way through the park, past the boating lake and up to the car park to find the toilets. They aren’t very well signposted so don’t expect to find them easily unless thats where you parked!

Once that was done we stopped to have lunch on one of the many benches surrounding the fountain. There were so many people there doing the same thing and even though it was overcast, it was still a gorgeous setting! We ate our lunch, looked for birdies and saw the park’s road train drive past – which excited Spike!

With food out the way we decided to make our way to the model village. We only saw a small part of Stanley Park but what we did see was impressive. There are tennis courts, a skate park and a BMX track which looked ace! Like I say though, that was only a small part of it and there were other bits we didn’t even get to see!

Spike-windmill-blackpool-model-villageBlackpool Model Village

The Blackpool Model Village is on the edge of Stanley Park. Therefore you don’t have to walk through the park to get there like we did. There’s a car park right next to it, which is pay and display, and a gift shop selling amazing looking ice cream. The gift shop is where you buy your tickets for the attraction. Our three adult tickets came in at just under £21. Spike was free as she’s so little!

Once we’d paid we made our way over a little hill and through a gate into the attraction. We were also given a question sheet to fill in the answers. This really helped us find our way around the attraction without missing anything. I quite liked this touch as I think we’d wander aimlessly without it! The questions were pretty simple like “What is the name of the priest at the church” which was clear on the sign in front of the church. However there were a few in there that threw me off, like golfing term questions and stuff like that!

giant-spike-blackpool-model-village-readaraptor-hatchlingIt took around 45 mins – 1 hour for us to walk round the village with Spike holding us up for a fair bit of it. She didn’t seem as interested in the village as I hoped she would be. I think that may be because I spent half the time telling he not to touch the figures! A fair amount of the houses and buildings were away from the path, behind fences. This makes sense because they don’t want them ruined. However it meant Spike was bored of the fences quite quickly. I loved it though and found it fun to see. The work put into some of the displays is amazing to see. Plus, it made me feel like a giant!

During special weekends and school breaks the Village holds special events. When we were there the event was a fun gnome hunt! The fairies had reported some hidden away gnomes around the place and its the visitor’s job to find them all. This did interest Spike and she loved pointing out all the gnomes that had ‘gone hide!’

What we thought

While Blackpool Model Village was fun, I do think its a little on the steep side price wise. Its also not very accessible as there were a few places where we struggled with the pushchair. All in all though, it was a fun way to spend an hour with the family. Especially if you are visiting another part of the Park or are in the area and fancy something to do.