Decorating the nursery: starry eyed

Have you ever looked at the sheer price of decorating, and filling a full room from scratch? Most of you will have, but because we have always rented we have only filled a room, and slowly. I remember moving into our first unfurnished flat and having to sit on cushions for weeks while we waited for the sofa to be delivered, and then having to wait a while longer before having anywhere to rest a cuppa or food because we couldn’t really afford to buy a coffee table yet.

We pretty much staggered the cost of filling a house by moving into a furnished flat, then into a part furnished flat, then into an unfurnished house. But now, in our second unfurnished house, which still has no dining room table in the dining room (but thats fine because the whole room is filled with bookcases and just gets called the library instead!) me and T have discovered the cost of decorating.

This is the first house we’ve been in where we’ve been allowed to put stuff on the walls etc. So the nursery is getting decorated. Just one wall, with wall stickers, then prints and stuff on the other walls. But in addition to this obviously we need to fill the room with this for the baby too.

starsEarly on I decided that I wanted the nursery to have a stars and clouds theme. This was meant to be multi-coloured stars on everything making a big, bright room for Spike to live in… oh how that idea has gone out of the window.

Unless you want to get everything custom-made it is very difficult to get exactly what you want for any room. I know that now. I thought this theme would be fine because there are stars on loads of stuff for kids… and there really is, but unless you want blue, pink or white then nursery interiors are hard to come buy. Asda has a set on their website that features multi-coloured stars all over if but it also features safari animals… which I didn’t want.

I’ve found some beautiful stuff but the rug I want for the carpet, thats £90… and the custom-made starry cot bumper I liked? That would be £80. I’ve been lucky enough to find some stuff in the sale so my gorgeous navy blue and silver star curtain (I could only afford the one, but it was plenty big enough for the small window in our nursery thankfully) I’ve dargon-third-bedroom-nursery
picked up was only £20 and the cloud lightshade by Farg & Form (I would have the whole set if I could) was £17. I am currently trying to talk myself into the fact that if I want to buy a cot bumper (they are expensive things!) I am going to have to fork out a fair bit for one and this hasn’t been helped by the fact that I found Pink Linings One Starry Night cloud bumper, quilt and sheet set which would look amazing (even though it also has a dragon on… but come on, dragons are cool! – plus, as you can see from my nursery sneak preview pic, theres a dragon in the corner of the room anyway!)

Its no fun decorating a whole room within the boundaries of a budget. I have a little more than many would to play with because I got a fair bit second hand (thanks to my awesome workmate!) but other than that I’ve been so tempted to just chuck my theme ideas out the window and go with whatever I can find online cheap enough so many times. I’m determined to stick to this theme though, and I really hope that it turns out ok! I will be posting pictures when its finished to let you know how I get on!

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