Definitely not a baby anymore…

definitely-not-a-baby-anymore-readaraptor-hatchling-photoThis week Spike turned 22 months old. Which is nothing. Except to me its something. That milestone means that she is just 2 months away from being 2. And that means she is definitely not be a baby anymore!

A 2 year old is big. A 2 year old is not a baby, its a toddler for sure. And a 2 year old means I am very nearly 29… which is a post in itself!

I’ve been preparing for this for a while as I knew that once she hits 2, she goes into a new room at nursery. So since Christmas I’ve been worrying slightly about the meltdowns that may occur when she does that. But It wasn’t until she hit 22 months that I thought about how quick my baby has grown up. And, then, a week or so ago, I got a phone call that made me realise that it’s not just her age that makes her no long a baby.

The nursery called and I instantly panicked, as you do! “She’s fine!” they said. “I’ve just been trying to catch you and its difficult so I thought I’d give you a call!” Phew I think, relaxing into the wall outside the office. Then they tell me the reason they wanted to catch me… They think she’s ready to graduate.

The only thing stopping her from already being in the toddler room is numbers. They haven’t got the space, but they are getting it soon. They explained that over the next few weeks they would be doing settling in sessions with her to see how she’ll cope moving up. As long as we’re ok with her going up into the toddler room, she’s going up soon!

I had a chat with T and we couldn’t see the issue. She’ll love the stimulation the next room will give her and she’ll love the fact she can do bigger kid things in there! So we told them to go for it. Then today, when I picked her up, they explained how she’s loved being in the other room during her settling in sessions and how she spent most of the day in the toddler room and enjoyed herself. They have the room free for her from Monday…

My baby is going into the toddler room. My baby is nearly 2. And I know she’ll always be just that – my baby – but I can’t help but feel sad that she’s, actually, not a baby anymore. She’s such a big girl! Don’t get me wrong, I love who she’s growing into. She’s a joker and she is well going to be a class clown when she’s older. She loves to laugh and make us laugh, and she lives to draw and play. She is a little person, she’s definitely not a baby – but I can’t help but miss the days it was just me and her, snuggling sleepily on the sofa.

When I had her people told me to cherish those days. “They’ll be over before you know it!” People said… and they are right, those days don’t last long do they?!