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Dreaming of a Paris Return – Where I Would Love to Explore with Spike

I don’t know if it was the amazing trip to Lapland we had in December, or the pandemic, but something has reignited my love for travel recently. We have a trip to Cornwall booked next week and hopefully a UK city break in the summer holidays. But next year, once we feel more comfortable travelling abroad again, I really fancy booking another trip to Paris.

My Previous Visits to Paris

Paris, the city of love. It is on the travel wish list of many, and its easy to understand why. It’s a beautiful city, with the most picturesque locations to get all that instagram footage. I haven’t been back since well before Instagram was a thing though! I have visited Paris twice, once when I was around 13 during a school trip, we stayed outside the city and went in for the day. Then again when I was 18. That was a very kind 18th Birthday present from my dad and I went with my boyfriend at the time. We did everything that you’d expect to do, a trip to the Eiffel Tower, Montemartre and the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa in person. It was brilliant but I still feel like there is more to do in the city!

Disneyland Paris

The obvious think I am missing from my tick list in Paris is Disney. We booked a trip to Disneyland which we had to cancel in 2020. I was gutted. We planned on a visit for 4 days, two days in the park followed by two days in the city. I was looking forward to it a lot, and I know Spike would have loved it. This is definitely what I want to try and do next year, possibly for Halloween – but then I am unsure if I will get to see the city as beautiful as I have before as I have always gone in the Summer. I think the beauty of Disneyland Paris is that its so easy to get to from the city. Plus, booking a park hotel and a city hotel separately and sorting travel between them yourself is super easy.

Paris with Kids

I know there is so much else to enjoy in Paris in addition to Disneyland though, especially for kids. There are two woodland areas bordering the city, the southeastern one, Bois de Vincennes, features a state of the art zoo and lots of amazing looking play areas which I know Spike would love to explore! The parks in Paris are ideal for exploring too, with so many of them featuring marionette shows too. Paris is known for its culture too with so many museums, I reckon Spike would love the two dedicated childrens museums; Musee En Herbe – which is an art museum, and Musée de la Magie – which is a museum of magic that both Spike and T will love. When I went to Paris with school at the age of 13 we visited Parc Astérix which was so much fun and I remember loving it so I reckon that would be a great place to explore too.

Spike’s Paris Wishlist

I like to involve Spike in our travel decisions, and Paris is on her list after we watched Ratatouille! Unfortunately her wish to visit the Ratatouille restaurant is not one that can be fulfilled, as it doesn’t actually exist. But she also said she wants to take a trip down the river and visit the Eiffel Tower herself, which I am certain we can tick off the list!

A Firm favourite for 2023 Travel Plans

We have decided not to travel abroad this year as the ever changing rules when we went to Lapland properly stressed us out. At least thats how we feel right now, but I honestly believe that Paris is going to be the first place we check prices for when we do look to travel abroad.

Where is next on your travel abroad list?

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