Dummy be gone – our first step to ditching the dodo

dodo-be-gone-ditching-the-dummy-readaraptor-hatchling-naptimeI hate dummies. With a passion. I was hoping to never give my child a dummy because I knew that it took my parents 4 years to get mine off me. Then I had a child who didn’t know when to stop drinking milk. A child who would clamp down all day long if she was left to her own devices. And a child who would then chuck it all back up again. The health visitor witnessed one such occasion of this and offered the advice of ‘I don’t usually say this, but a dummy might help’.

After a week of multiple vomit occasions, where I would be covered from head to toe, I’d had enough. I caved and bought Spike a dummy. It’s been close to her ever since. It got to the point where she would have it in her mouth until you gave her food, she’d put it down next to her plate and the minute she stopped eating she would pick it back up again.

It drives me crazy. I hate it. Especially since I know that the minute we get to nursery she puts it in her bag and only gets it out for nap time. It is only when she’s with us that she wants it so much. Determined to do something about it, I’ve been talking to her about giving it up for a while now. It wasn’t until last week, when nursery lost hers, that we managed to get somewhere with it though.

Spike asks for her ‘dodo’ as soon as she steps out of nursery. She would only get it once she was sat in the car seat. However when T went to get it last week, it wasn’t there. They went back into nursery but dodo was no more. It had disappeared. T told her it was gone and that there was another at home, and she asked for it in the car but got distracted once home. I was weeding the garden and she was more interested in that than anything else. She asked for her dodo once. I answered with a ‘its gone’ and she carried on playing.

We had a tantrum at bedtime and I told her if she calmed down she could have her ‘bedtime’ dummy once she was in bed. This seemed to work but as soon as she got in her cot she was screaming for it. I placed it at the end of her cot and told her to look for the bedtime dodo, which calmed her down and got her searching. She went straight to sleep.

The next morning I had a half hour meltdown when I told her to leave it in the cot. But she did eventually and didn’t ask for it again all morning. Ever since, it’s only been used at sleep times, and she’s even had a nap without it!

Batman has helped to convince her that this is a good thing. She seems obsessed with Batman at the minute and I’ve told her that superhero’s don’t have dodos. Therefore if she wants to be like batman she has to give up hers! It’s working but I know need a batman costume that will fit her!

We’ve had a few occasions where she’s kicked off wanting it. She’s asked for it and we haven’t given her it, but mostly she’s doing good! She even puts it in her cot for ‘big rabbit’ to look after now on a morning. Lets hope this is the first step to ditching the dodo for good!