Skydiving picture with caption embracing the challenge doing my bit for a fantastic cause

Embracing the challenge – doing my part for a fantastic cause

blog title image, skydive picture with embracing the challenge doing my bit for a fantastic cause as the caption Have you ever done something you never thought you’d do? How did it make you feel? I have, in fact I’ve done two things within the space of two weeks that I never thought Id do. I’ve done them through my company, to help them raise money for When you wish upon a Star and both have helped raise my confidence whilst doing something amazing for charity.

When you wish upon a Star is a national charity that gathers funding to help grant the wishes of children. These children have life threatening illnesses and the money raised allows them to life out their dreams alongside their family. Not only does the child get to do something they always wanted to do, but their family gets to gather beautiful memories to treasure forever. That is why I am so glad that my company is supporting this charity. Because if anything ever happened to my child, or the children in my life, I would want there to be something to help ease their suffering and help take the minds of me, my partner or any of my friends and family, off what was happening.

My support of this charity is what led me to take on the two challenges. The first challenge was a skydive with the team from one of the company’s locations. I travelled up to Durham, met with the team, many of whom I didn’t know, and jumped 10,000ft from an aeroplane.

When you wish upon a Star's wisher with my provisional membership to the birth skydive association card Let me start by saying how scary this was. I know many people think it would be an amazing opportunity, and its on a lot of people’s bucket lists. However for me this isn’t the case. I am scared of heights and while the idea of a skydive terrified me, I could understand the interest. Which is one of the reasons why I ended up agreeing to do it. Also, I thought, if you can’t take on something that scares you for charity, then why bother doing anything at all. The charity we are fundraising for is doing something amazing for children that are scared because of what is happening to them. Least I could do is to be scare for 20 minutes or so!

So yeah, I went and met up with people I didn’t know – the first thing that terrified me. Then jumped from a plane from what turned out to be 10,500ft and landed with a bang. I didn’t hurt myself but I didn’t land properly and the less said about that the better.

Would I do it again, no. Would I suggest anyone else do it? No. Am I glad I did it yes. Why? Because it felt amazing, to know that you are doing something so far out of your comfort zone, to know that the money you raise for this cause will go to something amazing for a child who needs it. That is incredible. The only part of the skydive I enjoyed was once the parachute had deployed. We took in some of the sights around Durham, from Newcastle down to my hometown of Darlington… and that was magical.

The second challenge I took one was the Tough Mudder Half. Heard of it? If you have you’ll probably think I’m crazy when you hear this was exactly two weeks after my skydive. If not, its a 5.5 mile run through muddy fields, over and under muddy obstacles. And I don’t mean a hit you have to jump over. I mean a 6 ft mud pile that you have to scale then slide down the other side of to land in muddy water up to your waist.

me after completing the tough mudder half for When you wish upon a StarI am unfit. 5.5 miles is torturous to me. But I knew that I could do it for the right cause, and my god I’m glad I did! I loved it. Almost every second of it. I wasn’t too impressed with mud going in my eye. Or the journey home with mud everywhere. But the actual course itself was amazing. So much better than I thought it would be. My couch to 5k training didn’t come in handy as I walked most of the route. But I’m still proud of myself for managing what I did.

It was a challenge. And at some points I wanted to give up. But it was worth it at the end of the finish line and I’m glad I did it. The children who will benefit from the money we’ve raised will be happy and they deserve that happiness so I am glad I did it.

These charity events are amazing for me because I know I’ve achieved something. I know that I have helped towards the wishes of a trip to Disneyland Florida and a trip to Lapland, which are what kids’ dreams are made of. And what’s more, I know now I can do anything, so I know my charity fundraising is not going to stop here!

If you’d like to help my company raise even more for this amazing cause please donate here.