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Everything is so shiny! – Mummy’s night out with Peter Jackson the Jeweller

My new charm, jewellery boxes and jewellery wipes Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited along to the very first Peter Jackson Jewellers blogger event. It promised to be an evening of excitement! There was a make up artist, jewellery cleaning station, diamond mining talks and an engraving station. I couldn’t resist the invitation and now I’ve been, I know that there will be more visits to the store in the future!

Peter Jackson is a North West based Jeweller. With their flagship store in the centre of the larger of the two shopping centre’s in Preston, it was somewhere I was familiar with prior to the event. However, I had never actually stepped through the door. As soon as I walked in last week though, I was made to feel like part of the family and it was lovely!

My experience with jewellers

Anyone who knows me in real life will know I’m not really into jewellery, make up, fashion. I wear what I feel comfy in and have a few set jewellery pieces that I wear frequently. Most of them have bene bought for me! I used to wander into the biggest known high street jeweller when I was a teenager but the novelty wore off when I developed my own sense of style and struggled to find what I wanted on the high street.

Peter Jackeon changing my opinions

I usually head to Etsy to pick up bits of jewellery I want to buy myself. However I’ll be thinking twice about that now. Peter Jackson opened my eyes to just how far the better jewellers have come and just how beautiful some of their products are! I don’t think their £89,000 diamond ring will be joining my collection anytime soon. But the Thomas Sabo collection was amazing, especially the Tree of Love range Thomas Sabo Colourful Tree Of Love Charm | Peter Jackson

Shining up old pieces

Member of the Peter Jackson team cleaning a ring from 10 years agoThe first thing I did when I got there was head over to the cleaning station to talk to one of the team about how easy it is to look after old jewellery pieces. You may already know this but the more you wear silver items the better as they tarnish over time and being left in a drawer is the worst thing you can do for them. I have an old ring that my ex got me years ago (I’ve been with T ten years so this should show you how long ago!) which has been sitting in a drawer for years. I recently found it and was reminded of how pretty it was, so I took it along. It was starting to look dull but with a quick wipe over it was back to looking as good as new!

The diamond talk

After the cleaning station I headed to the mining station. Do you know what goes into finding and making diamonds? I had no idea until last week, but its a lot more than I could have guessed! We joined Catherine who talked us through the diamond mining process, how its increased in sustainability over the years and how the habitats are restored once the diamonds have been mined. That put my mind at ease a lot! She spoke about how the majority of the actually mining process is now done by technology and machines. However, the diamond cutting process is still done mostly by hand! Which blows my mind.

Different types of diamond

Different cuts of diamond you can get on the high streetI also didn’t know how many different types of diamond there are. From standard circle brilliant cuts, to pear cuts and trillion cuts! I was amazed and how different each one looked! That was just the ones that Catherine showed us at the event too. She mentioned that someone had once commissioned a horse shaped diamond, which will have cost a fortune! But that just goes to show that diamonds can be cut into any shape, it just takes a skilled diamond cutter to do it!

After the talk Catherine let us mine for actual diamonds and the lovely Oh so Stef who I met on the night managed to find one! It was all very exciting and she was treated to her own earrings for being star miner! I managed to find a few bits of quartz but thats nothing to be upset about… it was hard to even manage that!

Getting to know my jewels

When we arrived we were told that there will be a competition to win a pair of diamond earrings of our own… which sounded like a lot of fun! First of all one of the lovely Peter Jackson team took us through a game. We had to guess the names of the gemstones on the pieces of jewellery on the board. I did terribly but at least I got Ruby (which I should know due to a family connection!) and Emerald right, because that would have been embarrassing! Once that was over I got to guess the value of the rings in the cabinet, which I didn’t guess correctly, but my word those rings were beautiful! My particular favourite was a green sapphire – did you know sapphires weren’t all blue? no, me neither – ring which I would love for my collection!

Taking a tour of the stock

Beautiful jewellery for children from Peter JacksonI managed to have a good look around Peter Jackson’s collection and my word, some of it was beautiful! Their D is for Diamond collection, which is for children, definitely caught my eye! I think it would be a really nice keepsake to get your child their own jewellery quite young. I took another look at their impressive £89,000 diamond ring, and some of the more modest £8-15000 ones. These would make for the perfect engagement rings for some. Plus, I took a look at their  beautiful Thomas Sabo charm collection.

Peter Jackson and Thomas Sabo

The jewellers teamed up with Thomas Sabo last year to provide a store to showcase the Thomas SAbo collection and what a collection it is! They have some incredible items which I fell in love with! For both men and women there is something for everyone – including a dinosaur charm which I definitely want! Having been gifted a beautiful Thomas Sabo paper chain charm bracelet I plan on dropping serious hints to T about some charms for it for Christmas!

Engraving my Thomas Sabo charm

My new Thomas Sabo charm and charm bracelet in its Peter Jackson boxPeter Jackson also gifted a charm for the bracelet which we could get engraved. We could get them engraved on one or both sides and I went for both. While most people went for initials, I decided to get something a little different. I went for Spike’s birth date and a symbol which would remind me of the right now. Spike’s currently in love with the idea of space and rockets and wants to know all about planets. So I got a rocket in the hope that one day I can show her it and remind her how far her curiosity got her!

A Peter Jackson discount just for you!

I made my way home happily with a gift bag of goodies. Only to find when I got there, the evening got even better! In the gift bag there was a letter for me and my lovely blog followers. Peter Jackson wants to share their fantastic collection with you too! Head over to their website and you can use discount code RRAWR18 for a fantastic 15% off (Excluding sale items). Don’t forget to share what you bought in the comments, I’d love to know!