Two images of me and my 5 year old daughter, in the first we are inside, we both have dresses and a head band on. Hers is a black dress with a black space headband, mine is a green cam dinosaur dress with matching headband. In the second photo we are outside, Spike is stood on a wall higher than me, I have a fake leather jacket on with a blue mexican inspired lindy bop dress and snag tights in the beach bum blue colour and my doc martens on. In between each photo is a blog graphic with the blog title 'expressing myself with clothes I love' written on it and an illustration which is an outline of a dress
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Expressing myself with clothes I love – My quest to completely revitalise my wardrobe

I used to have a strong sense of my own style. I have always worn what I want and not cared what other people thought of me for it. When I was a teenager I was a full on goth – black baggy cords, chains, hot pink stripes on my shirts, the lot. Then I went to uni and again I had a strange style, it wasn’t mainstream, it was what I could find in the shops that I loved.

Losing the strange styles

I started getting more mainstream when I graduated and started working. My ‘strange’ clothes were reserved for nights out. I have never worn ‘Smart’ clothes for work, but smart casual and it spread into my weekend wear quite quickly. I still had the more unusual items in my wardrobe, but they didn’t come out as often. I love the vintage style so thats what I reserved for nights out a lot of the time. And once I had Spike that was definitely a once in a blue moon occasion. I bought loads of knee length jersey skirts and wore them with plain tops for work and geeky tees on a weekend. I had a few beautiful bits that I would rarely wear like my Run and Fly dinosaur pinafore which has started to get more airtime recently.

Mummy style

When I had Spike I went full on to leggings and anything practical. I breastfed so would wear anything that had zips, and easy access. The mummy style was strong for the first 2 years for sure. As I spent my time on play centre floors and in baby groups it was all hoodies leggings and simple dresses. I stared a new job when Spike was 18 months old and treated myself to a few new bits. But because we didn’t have a lot of money I tended to just carry on wearing the same old stuff, always over leggings cos they were comfy. Lots of simple dresses, nothing too out there.

Branching out

The summer before Last I added more jumpsuits to my wardrobe and a few of them were a little more daring than my usual items. My favourite is a green and white Sainsbury’s number which I can’t wait to get out again this summer. Then towards the end of 2019 I discovered Popsy. Popsy are a beautiful, casual dress brand that created dresses with pockets. Oh pockets… the best! The styles that Popsy do are so varied that theres something for everyone. And the best thing was they were work appropriate! So I grabbed my first one and have since grown my collection to 6. But even when I found there, I kept wearing them with black tights or leggings and only ever for work.

Lockdown attire

Once lockdown hit last year I went form wearing simple dresses and jumpsuits to leggings and tees and jumpers. While on furlough it got the worst where I’d stick anything on and I lived in my walking boots and raincoat most the year. I wore my Popsy’s for work when I went back but i was pretty drab other than them. Then I changed jobs and I’m even worse cos I’m working from home!

Feeling more me

I think finding the Popsy dresses helped me realised that I like to be comfortable and so much of the time I’m not. I like pockets because they are handy, and I like to express myself with bright and fun prints. Because they make me feel more me. During last year I discovered Snag tights too and the amazing colours they have look fantastic teamed with some of the dresses. I love wearing more colour.

On a quest for comfort and practicality without losing the style

These clothes have shown me that I don’t have to forgo what I want in my quest for clothes that I love. Its harder to find fun styles with pockets that are comfy but they are out there. I recently added to my collection with an amazing skirt from Harkel which has pockets and space whales on it! And for Mother’s Day Tony got me another Run and Fly dress, this time a tea dress which again, has pockets! I’m never buying anything that doesn’t have pockets again. I’m sick of sticking my phone down my bra when I need both hands!

My next wardrobe addition

The truth is, its pointless having a wardrobe full of clothes that I don’t wear. I’m on the look out for as many indie products or second hand clothes as possible that are good for the environment. Because I don’t like fast fashion. So swapping my wardrobe is going to take some time. Its also expensive. Popsy is £36 a dress and £49 for the dungarees and top I want next. However, Im going to sell some of my old stuff if possible to make way for the new. Then I want to start on Run and Fly Dungarees. I think I’m a while off expressing myself in the bright sunflower set yet, but I love the galaxy ones!

How do you express yourself?

Do you feel like you’ve lost part of your sense of style since having kids? I’d love to know if you want more from your wardrobe, and if you have any favourites of the items I’ve mentioned on here too!