finding time to listen to my favourite podcasts, image is of two photographs - Raimy a 31 year old woman with dark purple hair bullet journalling with headphones in and the other Raimy's bullet journal and pencil case with her phone playing The Guilty Feminist podcast
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Finding some ‘me’ time – my favourite podcasts and how I fit in listening around parenting

This year I have been focusing on getting ‘me’ back. I used to listen to so much, read some much and watch so much that I always had things to talk about with people – other than parenting. Yet during 2018/19 I discovered this wasn’t the case any more. I wanted to do more to be me. I started slowly with dance during the start of 2019, then started hoop when we moved. Slowly I’d been reading more and more too. But my latest love is podcasts. I have learnt so much and discovered so many new people from my podcasts lately. So I thought I would share my favourite podcasts and how I fit them in around parenting.

I’m a feminist but, I never really admit it.

One of my absolute favourite podcasts has to be The Guilty Feminist by Deborah Frances-White. I started right at the beginning so I am still on the episodes that were recorded with Sophie Hagen. A few of the newer ones have crept into my queue though and are just as brilliant. I love that its feminism on my level. The way that they admit things that they do that aren’t ‘feminist’ – as I do things too that wouldn’t be considered feminist. This podcast has me laughing out loud – which when I’m listening in the supermarket isn’t exactly appropriate, but never mind!

Learning and listening

I work in digital and content marketing but I’ve never really hard any formal training. I know things from research and doing my own work online and seeing what works. This year I have started a digital marketing course and I thought it would be good to back that up with a couple of podcasts from the industry. The Weekly Wrap from the Content Marketing Institute is fascinating, offering very up to date news and developments from the industry.

The show to listen to…

When I researched the best marketing podcasts to listen to, I was shocked to discover The Tim Ferris Show mentioned. Why? Because it is not a marketing podcast. Tim Ferris is known for productivity books and has a great personal brand. This is why Marketers like him I think and I honestly do love his podcasts. He interviews so amazing people, including the brilliant Jane Goodall and Kevin Hart, the comedian. Tim shares information about books he’s loved too, which I am always on board with hearing about.

Reshaping life with Emma Gannon

Ctrl Alt Delete was probably one of the very first podcasts I started listening too. I can’t remember how I heard about it. It’s hosted by the awesome Emma Gannon, who has gone through an amazing career. She is the author of the book The Multi-hyphen Method which is about career that fits more than one mould. She interviews amazing business owners and founders and the whole podcast is so inspiring! I have found out about so many amazing companies, products and charities through listening to this podcast and often they are founded by amazing women too.

Fitting these podcasts in around parenting

If you are anything like me a few months ago, you’ve probably read this and thought ‘When am I even meant to listen to these!” I thought the same when I kept reading about amazing podcasts. I didn’t think it would be possible. But it’s amazing what you can find time for.

I listen to my favourite podcasts using an app which has the ability to speed up the voices. With paid for features you can block out silence as well to make it even quicker. I keep track of the podcasts in queues depending on what type of content they are so I can filter by my mood. Mine automatically downloads them and keeps track of what I’m listening to and where I last paused the podcast etc. I love it because it means I can listen to a bit in the car on the way to work, then on my walk at lunchtime and pick it back up in the same place during the food shop on a weekend.

There are a few apps out there but those with features like these ones can seriously help you listen around the kids. Plus with a decent pair of wireless headphones I’ve found it really easy to fit in listening. Usually with one earphone while still listening out for Spike.