Fireworks, friends and traditions – Bonfire night in the Hatchling household

We hit the park on Saturday night for an evening on bonfire-y goodness. Its my favourite time of year and I couldn’t wait to share it with Spike once again.

I had to miss out last year as I was working 2 jobs. One of which was a weekend evening join a pub. I was working my last shift there on the Saturday that our towns bonfire night is on. It sucked not being able to take her. T took Spike to the makeshift bonfire on the estate round the corner from our house and she loved it as much as she did two years ago on her first Bonfire night.
In what will be a tradition now I plan never to have an evening job again, we hit the town bonfire this year as a family, including L (my stepson) and his girlfriend. It was actually quite nice to spend some time with them as we don’t get much of it these days!

This year we also decided to meet with friends when we were there. These friends are my true mama crew who I don’t get to see much of since working full time. It was the best choice I made and I loved that I got to spend a little more time with them, and Spike with their little ones. We stayed close to the bonfire and chatted while the kids moaned like terrible two year olds do. Then we headed over to the firework display area for the actual event!
Spike loved the display and spent the whole time giving us a commentary. Mainly about how loud it was and how they go “pow pow”! I’m so glad she loves them though. I was scared she’d decide to be scared as she has done with so many other things lately!
We went from the display to drop off L off at his girlfriends and then head home. In my true tradition the first thing I did after getting Spike to sleep is make a hot chocolate and curl up on the sofa. You can’t beat it! Once Spike is older, she’ll definitely be joining me in this ritual, but for now I just enjoyed the peace and warmth!
Do you have any bonfire night traditions? I’d love to hear them!