Five months with Spike

five-month-spike-readaraptorSo my baby is over five months old. And I’ve not managed to break her, yet!

As you get older time starts going stupidly fast. Months are measured in the distance to paydays (In my experience) and there’s usually a wedding, birthday, or some kind of event to mark off the calendar each month which at the time of the invite seems forever away but creeps up quicker than you can blink. I was warned that once you have kids it goes even faster but I couldn’t believe it; until Spike hit the five month mark and I thought that I had barely blinked since that day.

At five months Spike has hit some awesome milestones. She started rolling from front to back at just over three months, it then took to four and a half to get from back to front but by the time her five month mark arrived she was rolling across the living room in the blink of an eye. She is now rolling and looking over at us from wherever she ends up and smiling like she is so pleased to have got to where she wanted to be! Her favourite thing is to roll into a pile of toys ready for her to play with.

She’s slept through the night, not often may I add – so I still need matchsticks occasionally. And is sleeping in her big girl cot in her own room, a decision we didn’t take lightly but with us waking her every night when we went to bed it was the right time for us all.

She smiles and reacts to her own name, she plays with toys and I quite often catch her in a kind of thinking pose with her toys, its like she’s working out how they work or something but who knows what goes on in that lovely little head!

She’s teething, which, I’m not going to lie, is a bitch. But it’s something all babies go through and we all made it so she will too… we just have the teething gel, baby paracetamol, and cuddles at the ready for the really bad times and look forward to seeing those peggies when they finally break through.

Her weight is great at over 15lbs when weighed just before the five month mark, and she’s growing so well that her 3-6 clothes nearly don’t fit! She is most definitely not my little tiny baby anymore, she looks so big and grown up!

Like I said I don’t know where that five months has gone and it seems like yesterday when I brought home my tiny baby. However this is the last month of her first half a year and it seems like a major milestone is on the horizon. From six months she definitely won’t be a newborn, the weaning process will be starting (expect a post on that one!), she’ll be getting her move on even more than she is already and she’ll learn so, so much – even more than she has in her first six months. Thats why this month will be spent making the most of it all, enjoying the cuddles and the fact that during the day she will only sleep on me – we’ll tackle that one after her six month marker, before the real education, the learning to walk, talk and eat, begins.

Even though she is growing and I can see that there are times where she still looks and acts like that little tiny baby, and I know they will get fewer and farther between once she starts all of those things that come in the second half of the first year. When those times shine through I do miss my little tiny baby, but at others I look at what she has grown into and think about what is to come and I can’t help but smile. The new-newborn stage is pretty boring and although I miss the ability to make her play air guitar while she slept and how I could just put her down while she was napping and even the loudest sound wouldn’t wake her, I’m glad I can make my little girl laugh and smile whenever I want.

There are bad days, I don’t want to appear too rosy about it all. I have been known to sit beside her cot pleading with her at 2am to just go back to sleep, and I have shed a tear or two out of stress and exhaustion but knowing that me and my partner made such a beautiful little girl, and that she is blossoming in front of our very eyes, is enough to get me through them.