Spike enjoying Tatton Park Farm
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Fun in the sun at Tatton Park Farm – An Easter adventure thanks to our Buckt box

I’ve written about our Buckt box a few times in the past and praised it for how good it is for those date day or night planning activities with your partner. However, it occasionally has some great activities for you to enjoy as a family, with the kids too. Our March box had a few activities which were perfect for this including entry to Tatton Park Farm

Tatton Park Farm

This working farm’s history goes back decades. It still features all the same machinery etc as it did in the 1940s so its essentially somewhere where time has ‘stood still’. You can see how old it is as soon as you walk in and there’s always so much to see. We’ve been before as a family and really enjoyed ourselves, and with an Easter Egg Trail on over the Easter Period we knew there would be lots to do again. This time we didn’t expect there to be baby lambs running around the minute we walked in and so many more animals – but thats what you get for visiting in April and not December! 

Feeding the lambs and meeting the pigs
Spike watching the piglets at Tatton Park Farm

We joined in with the lamb feeding as soon as we got there then headed round the farm to find the letters associated with the Egg Trail. We met the horses, goats and chickens then headed to the piggery. Spike was enamoured with the piglets and didn’t want to leave, and I can’t blame her. Some of the piglets were tiny, only 5 days old, and I loved watching them. They had total reliance on their mummies and were so cute.

Easter Egg Trail 

We headed round the farm and missed one of the letters. But thankfully there was a clue on the sheet and I knew the answer just from that, so we cheated – and were caught! The final letter was by the Children’s Adventure Area which Spike absolutely loved. This whole area is a playground in the woods with den building and a cool hill tunnel. The adventure trial in the woods was a little too ‘big’ for Spike but she gave it her all and with a little help made it through the entire course. In the woods there was a sensory area too which is reserved for group bookings which is a bit of a shame as I know I would have loved to show Spike some of the bits in there I could see. 

Tatton Park Estate 

Tatton Park Farm is part of the Tatton Park Estate. This is owned by The National Trust and has three main attraction. The Farm, The Mansion House and the Walled Gardens. Each require a ticket to enter, but you can buy a reduced entry price ticket if you want to visit all three. There is also plenty of parkland to enjoy once you are there which you don’t need to pay for and a huge play area. Spike loved it there until she fell off the swing and nearly broke her neck! Poor thing. There is also a courtyard with shops and while were there lots of market stalls, and a carousel which we had to take Spike on, she loves them! Entry to the Estate by car does cost £7 though, which is something to take into consideration if you are planning a visit to the Estate.

An April heat wave 

We visited Tatton Park over the Easter Weekend when there was a serious heatwave going on. It’s a big Estate where you can walk for quite come time if you want to visit all of it. Thankfully there are lots of places to refresh, even if there aren’t many place as to shelter. All the shops and the cafe etc take card too so if you forget cash like we did you’ll still be able to grab an ice cream and a drink! My favourite thing about the Park though is that lots of people visit with their dogs and they put out a lot of bowls of water when we were there, which was a thoughtful touch! 

A brilliant day out

As its about an hour or so away from home for us we don’t visit Tatton Park much, but there is plenty to keep you occupied when there. We literally spent about 4 hours there and that was just doing the farm and having a wander around the courtyard and a play in the play area. I’d love to go back and walk around the estate itself as they have loads of deer, we saw about 30 out of the car window on the way out. But that will have to be during next times visit!