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Getting lost in the maize – Our experience at Lakeland Maze Farm Park

I’ve wanted to go and do a Maize Maze for as long as I’ve known about them. Living in the north west we have a few to choose from. But I’ve heard good things about Lakeland Maze, so we decided to catch it at the end of the season on what will probably be the last nice day of the year! 

About Lakeland Maze Farm Park

Just south of Kendal, not far from the motorway, it was really quick and easy to find Lakeland Maze farm Park. It has play areas, outdoor trampolines, soft play, animals and an incredible Maize Maze. The maze chances every year and this years theme was perfect for us – space! 

Saturday afternoon fun

We drove the 30 minutes up to the farm on Saturday afternoon, with a pretty simple journey. As soon as we got there we decided to go to the maze as we know what Spike is like with walking sometimes. We did right… She probably was one of the smallest kids we saw in the maze and she complained pretty quickly about her legs hurting! 

The space maze

As you may know 2019 marks 50 years since man landed on the moon. That was the reason behind this years maize maze at Lakeland Maze Farm. They have past mazes on the wall on the way in and many have some connection to things that are relevant for that year. Previous years include a Battle of Britain theme, aviation and poppies. They have also had dinosaur, owl and Star Wars themed mazes. There is always a mini maze as well as the main maze. 

The mini maze – NASA

You go through the mini maze first to make your way to the main maze. This years mini maze was in the shape of the NASA logo but we didn’t realise that when we were in the maze! You go through the maze and find 10 stamps which all had space themes – moons, planets and meteors mostly. We only managed to find 5 before we found the ‘exit’. We could have carried on to find the others and I kinda wish we had as instead we went into the main maze. 

The main maze – The Astronaut 

When you come to the exit of the mini maze, you have the choice to either leave the maze completely or go into the main maze. The person at the start of the maze mentioned this would be the case and advised that the mini maze takes about 30 minutes, and the main maze takes around 90 minutes to 2 hours. We had spent about 20 minutes in the mini maze and I wanted to see as much of the whole think as I could so we carried on. Within another half hour though, Spike was tired. The heat didn’t help! 

The soft play 

We got out of the maze and went inside. Me and T needed coffee whilst Spike wanted some protection from the sun. We stopped in the cafe while Spike played in the soft play and climbing wall for a bit. It was ace looking at the past years maize mazes when drinking our coffee and we each definitely had a favourite. We also spent some time looking at this years maize maze picture and working out which bits we will have been in.

Collecting stamps

The aim of the maze is to go round collecting stamps and we found 1 of the main maze stamps before boycotting. But looking at the size of it on the picture, I’m amazed we found that to be honest! It is a massive maze, so big I don’t think Spike was really old enough for it. Thankfully the rest of the farm did not disappoint. 

Llama, llama, llama! 

I love Llamas and Alpacas, so much so I want my own (T wont let me). So I was super excited to find both animals, along with some very nosy goats, sheep and pigs in the animal barn. There was lots of animals to feed and we’d picked up a bag of food when buying our ice cream so they were happy to see us! There was an even mini-er maze inside the barn too which was just for kids to enjoy that Spike loved.

The pet barn 

Next up we headed to the pet barn where we watched the rabbits, degus and guinea pigs running round their enclosures. We also made friends with a rat in his cage and I wanted to take him home. Me and T used to have pet rats and I miss them so much. Spike loved the idea of us having one too… maybe one day! 

Tractor rides, indoor bouncy fun and play area 

After the pet barn the days’ last tractor ride was about to begin so we jumped on board and were treated to some amazing views of the south lakes. It was a bumpy ride but fun and we got to see the hundreds of chickens that belong on the farm. Then we played on the indoor bouncy castle and slide before heading back to the play area. Complete with swings, climbing frames and trampolines we were there a while, naturally. 

Overall thoughts on Lakeland Maize Maze 

It’s a little odd to navigate but the farm is fantastic for a day out. I wish we went earlier in the day if I’m honest. While Spike is a little little for it yet I reckon we’ll continue to enjoy it. There’s so much to see and do there that I reckon it’ll easily become an annual visit! If you’re heading up to the Lake District for a holiday while the maze is open, I would definitely recommend.