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Gift guide for a 5 year old – What we’re treating Spike to and what she is wishing for this year

It’s May, which in our family means lots of birthdays. There are so many that when I found out I was due with Spike in the middle of the month, I thought there was no chance she wouldn’t share a birthday. She kept us waiting though and was born right at the end of the month. The day after her cousin’s birthday! 

Gift buying amid lockdown  

This year I started her birthday shopping early as I was worried that lockdown would affect shops delivering. So she hadn’t even started asking for things. Starting with the shopping in March meant I could gather interest in toys without her even questioning her birthday too! Winner, winner! 

A Wishlist after I’d bought everything

Naturally though, buying everything early meant that as soon as she knew May was on the horizon, she started writing a list. Thankfully Spike has never been one to ask for much in the run up to her birthday or Christmas. And this year was no different. She wrote a list of about 7 things which are easy and cheap to get hold off. The only one I think she was being serious about is the globe… so I have asked her uncle for that. 

Gifts I’d picked up already 

I took to my favourite online sustainable retailers for most of Spike’s presents. The toys are always great quality and she likes playing with the ones she’s got. In addition I picked up some books from our favourite indie bookshop. I have shared these, and a few other toys below for your ideas for what to get a 5 year old for their birthday. 

Sustainable wooden toys perfect for a 5 year old 

Like I say, we love wooden toys in our house and any way we can do something that can help our planet we will. So a fair few of Spike’s toys are sustainably sourced wooden toys. This year she is being treated to the Plan Toys Balancing Cactus to help with her fine motor skills, a Wodibow Chalkboard Play Set to feed her creativity and a Goki Hammer and Nail set – which is similar to a toy I remember playing with and loving when I was little! I hope she gets as much excitement from it as I did! 

Book gifts for a 5 year old 

We love reading in our house and birthday’s and Christmas’ always include bookish gifts. This year I’ve gone for Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann – which also feeds into the idea of being at one with nature. And The Snow Dragon by one of my favourite authors Abi Elphinstone. Spike saw this in Waterstones a few months ago and loved the look of it so I thought I would pick it up for her. 

Jigsaws and fun for a 5 year old 

Spike loves a good jigsaw and if I’m honest, so do I. When she saw this Castle Jigsaw in Waterstones a few months ago she fell in love with it and its one of the only things shes asked for continually since. I picked it up from an ethical indie, as it wasn’t in stock from Waterstones online when the shops shut due to lockdown. But it is there now too. I also grabbed her some glitter markers. I hate glitter as a substance because it goes everywhere but both of us fell in love with these highlighters when we saw them in Rymans. Since I picked them up online for my bullet journalling she has been asking to use mine so I’ve picked some more child friendly ones up for her to craft with. 

Bubbles and outdoor play for a 5 year old 

One thing that I haven’t picked up for her birthday but I know she would love it outdoor toys. We have a Dr Zigs bubble kit and I know she would absolutely love more of them. She would also love something like this wooden crazy golf set. I’m hoping for pennies from relatives to maybe pick something like this up for the summer! 

Have you got any tips for gift buying for a 5 year old? Or toys your 5 year old loves to play with! Share them in the comments below, and I’ll add them to Spike’s Christmas list! 

Gift guide for a 5 year old - picture is child playing with giant bubble set