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Tops gifts for a two year old

Two is an incredibly difficult age to buy for. The baby toys that are in the shops are too babyish for Spike. The majority of toys for older kids are 3+ due to small parts. So needless to say, I’ve struggled to find the perfect toys for Spike this birthday. This gift guide for a two year old is more, my list of things I’ve bought for Spike, mixed with things I would buy if I had more money!

1.  Duplo


The days of a few blocks that you made a shape out of are long gone. Nowadays you can get so many different Duplo sets that give life to those blocks. Spike already has the Duplo Number Train from Christmas but for her birthday I would love to  get her the whole “My First’ collection including this amazing My First Train Set.


2. Grapat Nins


I am a massive fan of these little peg people, especially as they are suitable from 12 months. I think they would supply years and years of entertainment. Toys that build imagination are a fantastic thing to give to a little one and the Grapat Summer Nins are definitely Spike’s kinda colours too! They come in winter, spring and autumn colours too!

3. Haba Windmill


I think nearly every toddler of this age that I have met loves to play with balls. I know Spike does and thats why her and her friends love football so much. Spike is a huge fan of bouncy balls and anything that she can push balls down or through. The Haba Windmill Roller By marble run looks incredible and she would have endless fun with it!

4. Melissa and Doug Stacking Cars


Anything that can be sorted or stacked is a massive hit with this age range. Which is why I think these Stacking and Sorting Garages and Cars by Melissa and Doug are fantastic. The colours are bright and fun, the cars can be played with on their own as play vehicles as well as a sorting toy and the blocks can be stacked up higher than Spike stands! What more could she want?!

5. Wobbel Board

Who cares about your two year old… you will want this toy! The fantastic Wobbel Board is another toy that will last years and years. If your little one is like Spike then they probably never sit still, and with a wobbelboard they will never have to. It’s a rocker, a ramp, a balance board, a step, a seat and anything that the imagination can let it be! And if your two year old doesn’t like it, I don’t see why Wobbelyoga should be just for kids…

6. Orchard Toys Games


You’ve probably heard of Orchard Toys. They are educational games for children of all ages, and they start pretty young. We got the Farmyard Heads and Tails Orchard Game for Spike for Chistmas and she loves it, so I knew to get some more for her for her birthday. They do start at 18 months but there are only a few games at that age range. 2+ expands a bit though and I think most 2 year olds will love either the Post Box Game or Smelly Wellies!

7. Jigsaws


Two year olds love to put things together and make them stick. So a jigsaw is a perfect toy for them. You’ve got to be careful to find bright and colourful jigsaws that are big enough to see differences in pieces and I’ve found wooden ones work a treat. These Lanka Kade ones are fantastic and I think Spike would love these in her pressie pile on her birthday!