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Growing, growing, grown up! – When adding 2cm is a cause for celebration

Spike has been the same height for about a year now. You might think I’m kidding when I say this, but I’m seriously not. She’s teeny, I’ve written about it before. At football every week she is the shortest by almost an entire head, not that it stops her joining in! I know that growing is not a part of growing up. She’s getting cleverer and growing into her own personality all the time. I can see she’s growing up, but I can also see she’s not growing.

I used to worry about it. but these days I take it for what it is. She’s healthy, she eats plenty and she loves life. So I’ve tried to stop thinking about it.

88cm and thats the way its meant to be!

I know she hasn’t grown for that amount of time because she has a height chart in her room. She often wants me to measure how tall she is, probably because of the Bing! episode where Coco thinks Bing has grown down. Before last night, I measured her a few weeks ago and she was 88cm. Thats what shes been for almost a year. Its the reason she couldn’t go on the horses on the carousel at Butlins. It’s why I’ve not bothered taking her to Gulliver’s World, because why would under 90cm kids get in half price if they could do anything in there?

Last night though, I picked her up to take her to bed and I thought she felt longer. Its crazy that isn’t it? The idea that you can tell when someone has grown just by picking them up. But I know my little girl, I knew there was something different. So I asked her to stand by her height chart and what do you know! She’s grown!

Wahoo! Growth spurt?

We celebrated. We high fived and danced around the room. She’s got so used to me posting at the same bit on the height chart, even she was surprised it had moved up!

She’s grown to 90cms. I know its hardly a growth spurt. Its 2cm, but its something… it can ease my worrying, because despite saying I don’t worry about it, it is in the back of my head when I see her struggling to climb something in soft play that her friends can manage no problem. Or when I buy clothes for her age range and they are too big, but younger ones have too much bagginess in the bum because they are designed for nappies. She’s not a baby anymore, she’s not built like one either, so clothes are becoming a bit of an issue, but we’ll get there. I’m sure of it!