My happiness is directly related to my self worth. and I want to increase both in 2018

Happiness and self-worth – how we always put a downer on ourselves  

Have you ever noticed yourself looking at your social media accounts and thinking you are not worthy? Have you seen someone else and thought that they have so much of a better life than you? I know I have.
I listened to a podcast recently. I’ve never really been into the them, but I found Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon and something resonated with me. So I started listening. The first one I listened to was an interview with Lucy Sheridan, comparison life coach.
Lucy talks about comparison a lot. She is a comparison coach more than a life coach. And I am so glad that I found this podcast and listened to what she had to say. It resonated with me massively, because I do the things she was talking about – and they make me unhappy. I have found myself scrolling through my timelines and comparing my life to theirs. Thinking I have a terrible life, and how its not far that they can afford something that I can’t and its a toxic feeling.
What I’m doing about it
I think with the new year I was already thinking about what I wanted to do to make our life a better one. So this podcast came at the perfect time for me. I listened to it and thought about how I could make myself happier, enjoy what we’ve got and plan properly for what we want. I took on board everything Lucy said and thought about how I compare myself and how my jealousy can have a negative effect on my personally, and I decided to just stop.
New Year, New Me
It just so happened that this has coincided with the new year… I don’t normally go for the new year new me stuff. But I figured it was as good a time as any for change. So I’m actively limiting the amount of time I spend on social media accounts that don’t offer me any good. I am channeling all my energy into being a better person, a better mum and a better worker. I am determined to reach my goals this year, and be happier doing it.
Increasing my self-worth
After just a week of thinking better, I feel like I have more energy. I have tried to be more confident in my work, because I felt I was doubting myself too much. This is making me feel better about myself and I’ve found I can do much more than I was giving myself credit for. I am ignoring the horrible thoughts that would pop in my head and avoiding the haters and the downers and the negative people in my life, both offline and online.
And it feels great.