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‘Hey Siri! Play me Bing!’ – How my child talks to technology

Its a weird world we live in isn’t it? Talking to technology has become a reality for many of us, with “Alexa” that and “Hey Siri” this. I took it in my stride and thought nothing of it when it all started, but when Spike started following suit it made me laugh.

Talking to technology is something that isn’t going to go away. In fact its going to become part of everyday life more and more. It’s becoming more ingrained into everything we do with every new device that comes out and for the most part it helps. It is a bit of a novelty for us, but its completely standard for our kids.

Our smart home

I love and live my life with a gadget geek. He is an Apple guy through and through. We have Apple everything, except our lights. They integrate well with our Apple devices though! In our living room alone we have smart lights, an Apple HomePod and an Apple TV. That’s not to mention the phones we use! Our house is kitted out so that when we arrive and its getting close to dusk, the lights come on without us having to do anything. We simply have to say goodnight to our phones or other devices and the lights switch off or dim down to a very lo level light.

Introducing technology to Spike

We are careful not to overload Spike with technology though. We love the simpler things in life too like wooden toys and outdoor adventures. Though she knows that there are things in our house that make things simpler! She has played on out iPad once or twice and T helped her write her name on the laptop the other day. The TV is where she sees most of this technology at play.

Shouting at the Apple TV

I’ve written before about how Spike got used to having Peppa Pig on demand very quickly and this has branched off into understanding that our TV can play her almost anything. Especially if we tell it to! Because of the way Apple TV works, we have to press a button to get it to listen to us, but she hasn’t grasped that yet. This means she’s been known to walk up to the TV and say things like “TV play me Bing please?!” then when I’ve put Bing on for her; “Hey Siri, I want the paint one please!”

Spike and our HomePod

That obviously doesn’t work because Spike hasn’t pressed the button. But the HomePod is a different kettle of fish! She walked proudly over to it the other day whilst T was playing music and said “Hey Siri, play Let It Go!” which would have totally messed up his rock playlist. Thankfully however it didn’t understand her! She’s still got a toddler voice and isn’t clear enough yet for the HomePod to pick her up. But I don’t think it’ll be long before it does start understanding the things she says! We might be in trouble then!

Is it safe to allow kids to talk to Siri

In most cases Siri is completely safe for kids to speak to. You can turn off explicit content if you don’t want songs to be played with swearing in. However it depends on your child and how coherent they are I suppose. With us, we fully expect to have our music interrupted and her stuff taking over as soon as it starts to understand her! Unfortunately the HomePod doesn’t differentiate between voices. It’s something people are hoping to come in soon, but until it does thats a risk we’re gunna take!

Why I like Spike talking to technology

Although its funny now when Spike talks to the HomePod and it doesn’t answer, and although I’m not looking forward to her interrupting my music playing. I am looking forward to her having that opportunity right there. She will be able to get the answer to any question almost instantly, she’ll be able to listen to her favourite band whenever she wants. She can dance and sing and play games with it. It can even read her a story if she wants it to! It’s a fascinating thing, her ability to just know she can say something to a machine and it will answer her back, but its just a norm for her and I think its amazing!