My selection of wardrobe wishes from Next clothing
Wardrobe wishlist

Holiday wardrobe wishlist – My Next clothing selection for Spike

My selection of wardrobe wishes from Next clothing

I love Next clothing. I buy it all the time and spend far too much time in the shop. T always shouts at me for it, but I don’t care. Its good quality and for the most part its not too expensive. They also manage to have things that are a little ‘different’ a lot of the time. The outfit in the image above is from Next and I think it suits Spike so much!

Thats why when I was thinking about clothing for our upcoming holiday I thought to check out Next’s latest collections. This time of year is a tough one for me because I like bright colours and the duller stuff starts to creep in. But they do have some great stuff at the minute which I definitely would love.

I also shop in both ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ sections of clothing stores for Spike. Unless by some minor miracle the shop doesn’t split clothes by gender! So don’t be surprised when you see things from the ‘boy’ section in this wishlist. I have some great stuff for Spike from Next’s boy section already and I plan on shopping there for as long as she lets me!

As we embark on our holiday I take a look at Next Clothing and compile a wishlist

I took a look at the shoes first of all. Even though Spike doesn’t need any shoes! I have a massive thing for wellies at the minute because they allow her to run off and do as she pleases and I LOVE these monster wellies. Team the collection up with these ace Batman hi-tops, these cat boots, and these ladybird pumps and you will have the best autumn shoe collection for my two year old!

Obviously Spike being my daughter she simply has to love dinosaurs and this dinosaur dress is very cute! And this dress, top and tights set is a must have too!

My holiday wishlist of Next clothing

When it comes to tees I am very much enjoying the monotone style at the minute. I think Spike really suits greens brighter colours on her bottom half with white, black or grey tops. Which is why she needs this three pack of dinosaur tees! She also needs this dinosaur jumper for when the weather gets colder and this Space tee, because bless her, she is a bit tiny!

My holiday wishlist of Next clothing

A holiday wishlist wouldn’t be complete without a swimsuit, and I love this starry one, I think she would too as she loves stars and space at the minute! And Next seem to have a unicorn obsession right now that needs to bought into, with these tights, this three pack of leggings and this playsuit!