Two images of Spike and T enjoying the countryside despite his allergies and me and Spike looking forward to a day out even with my skin issues
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A Scratch Here and a Sneeze There – How Allergies Affect Our Home

When Spike was born I was terrified that she would inherit my skin. I’ve got terrible eczema and its been a pain my entire life. When I was a baby my mum used to have to put mittens on me while I slept to stop me scratching until I was well into toddlerhood. I quickly learnt to take them off so when my skin was really bad she had to sellotape round the ends of them, obviously not on my skin, but making it so they would be too small to slip over my hands!

Living With Allergies

Because of this skin condition I’ve learnt to avoid certain things that trigger it and make it worse. Almost anything with ‘parfum’ as an ingredient is a no. I’m fairly sure I’m allergic to Aloe Vera as every time I use it my skin flares up. And there are certain washing powders I will never use. The worst has to be toothpaste. Anything other than the bog standard Colgate triggers sores around my mouth that last for weeks after a couple of uses. My skin has definitely gotten worse and is having more flare ups at the minute which is stressful too.

Passing My Skin Problems on to Spike

Thankfully Spike hasn’t got anything as bad as I do. She can have most bubble baths designed for children and although she has dry skin, she doesn’t seem to be triggered by flare up’s as much as I am. There are certain things we have to avoid, particularly cheap bath bombs and soaps. But there definitely aren’t as many problems as I have with her. And I am so grateful for that

But Then There’s Hey Fever…

I have had a bout of hey fever when I was a teen. I suffered for a couple of years but then moved out of the area I lived and it doesn’t seem to be a problem any more. T though, thats another story. He suffers badly but only has done the last few years. I think it was the year before Spike was born when he started suffering badly. Its better since we moved to our city – which although pretty green must have a lower pollen count or different types of plants growing!

Spike and Hey Fever

Both me and T struggled with hey fever when we were older. This year though, Spike has been complaining of itchy eyes and a funny feeling in her nose so I think she might have it mildy. We’re going to get some medication designed for her age group but won’t be taking her to the drs in the middle of a pandemic as it really does appear to be so mild!

Testing for Allergies

A lot of the issues I’ve had with my skin have been so frustrating and I would love to know exactly what to avoid. Unfortunately I have never had a Dr who has even given my suggestion of an allergy test any time. I’ve been looking at home allergy testing kits to see what kind of thing I can do that will help me know what to avoid. This would give me some answers directly which would help. I think I’m at the point where it will be something I do should my skin not get any better. Especially as I’m not sure if its allergies or stress sending my skin into a frenzy at the minute. It would be good to get some answers!

I used to just live with my skin issues and I know many people with allergies who have cut out multiple things from their lives and still aren’t sure what allergies trigger them. Kits like the home allergy test looks like the ideal way of learning more about these triggers.

Disclaimer: This is a paid collaboration, however all opinions are my own.