How much is too much TV time?

spike-watching-tvI always said that I wouldn’t let Spike watch a lot of tele, that I wouldn’t encourage it… but I knew that there would be time for TV and I would never, ever judge anyone who sticks the tele on for five minutes peace, especially now she’s here because I can definitely relate to that!

Until very recently Spike didn’t seem interested in the TV, she just played while it was on in the background but thats probably because she wasn’t interested in my TV choices – I may just do a post on that soon! – but as she’s got a little older I’ve given her a try with a few shows and there are definitely some firm favourites already!

The first show I tried her with was Rugrats because I loved watching it when I was a kid. She couldn’t care less about it and crawled off instantly. Then T tried Spongebob with the same result… so we tried the firm favourite of all toddlers, Peppa Pig. She liked Peppa but she still got bored of it quite quickly and a friend recommended Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, which was more of a hit.

This was over about 2 months, we introduced TV slowly for little five to ten minute sessions. once I had seen the Ben & Holly’s on Netflix too many times, I looked for other things and stumbled upon The Hive. The Hive, for those who don’t know, is about a young bee, his family and the other bee-sized animals that live in the meadow close to his home. It has a West Country caterpillar, a Geordie spider and a welsh ant in it… and has the catchiest theme tune I have ever heard! Spike loved it and tbh its one of the less annoying shows that I’ve seen while flicking through the Apple TV apps I use!

Recently following conversations with friends I’ve tried her on Twirlywoos and Teletubbies and oh my, she is actually obsessed with them!! She gets upset when they finish and will actually just sit staring at the TV when they are on – Twirlywoos was on in the picture above! The other day she was sat holding her hand out for her afternoon snack without even looking away from the TV and just taking it off me like I was her servant!

I’ve tried a couple of film too with Big Hero 6 going on two weeks ago and being ignored… and Frozen tried this week with only interest appearing while the songs were being sung! I can live with that though, I wouldn’t expect a full film to be watched until she’s about 10 if my nephew and my previous work experience is anything to go off!

I don’t mind her watching TV, especially as its such a major part of many people’s lives these days and its hardly fair that we make her sit through How I Met Your Mother every night at teatime and she can’t watch what she likes. We mostly put it on in a morning when she’s still too sleepy to play with her toys and won’t leave me alone because it allows me half an hour for my brew, breakfast and to sort hers out, then again after tea while I get her bottle sorted before she goes to bed. Though thats only one episode followed by special daddy daughter time when they have a bit of a play and cuddle as T hasn’t seen her much during the day – thats the part of the day she’s happiest!

What I am worried about though is too much TV…. how do you know what is too much? Should I be limiting it to one episode while I solve down my breakfast or should I not even be allowing that? Its hard to tell really but when its a choice between Teletubbies saying ‘eh oh’ or having Spike clung to my leg crying at me while I eat my weetabix, I know which is more tempting. What kind of rules do you have in place for your kids? Is 10 months too little to have her watching anything? ts so hard to know whats ‘right’ and what will be best with these things!