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“I just want a crown please…. And a new fairy skirt” – Gift guide for an unusual four year old

My child doesn’t follow any rules. She likes what she likes, does what she wants and is as stubborn as a mule. She loves going out and about and will find fun and excitement in anything. Tonight it was a snail shell found on the back doorstep. Which has gone to bed with her. Let’s hope there’s no snail still in it! 

Due to this, it’s proven quite difficult for us to decide what to get her for her 4th birthday… don’t get me started on the fact she’s turning 4, I’m in bits. There’s nothing she needs, and not a great deal she’s taken a keen interest in. The only thing she’s really interested in is superheroes and space, and there’s only so much you can find suitable for a 4 year old when it comes to these things!  Thankfully, I’ve garbled together a few key pressies for her. I thought I’d put a gift guide together of these bits to help anyone else in the same boat. 

Gift #1 – A Crown 
A crown, Fairy wand and natural bracelet from Nature’s Child

The one thing she said when I asked Spike what she wanted was a crown. Now Spike has a terrible habit of breaking nearly everything thats plastic which enters our house. So I’ve found her the cutest little fabric crown which came in a little party bag style set from a Nature’s Child. All in recycled packing with a wooden wand and a little felt and wood bead bracelet (which I know she’ll love) it keeps in with my wanting to buy as little plastic as possible trend too! 

Gift #2 – A superhero and her car 
Batgirl and her Bat Mission vehicle

The next toy does go against my non-plastic ideals… but you can barely find any DC Superhero Girls toys which aren’t plastic. And as Wonder Woman and Batgirl are currently her favourite things in the world, I caved with this. As soon as I saw Batgirls Mission Vehicle, I knew Spike would love it! What’s more, it wasn’t expensive at all and when it arrived I was so impressed with the size of it for how little it cost. 

Gift #3 – Her very own, personalised chalkboard 
A Personalised Chalkboard from The Gift Experience

This one is extra special to me. The lovely people at The Gift Experience asked if I wanted to grab a gift for Spike from their personalised range and I loved the look of this chalkboard. Spike loves to draw and ‘write’ little messages so I thought it would be perfect for her. Her room is cloud and stars themed and it will fit nicely with everything in there. I rarely buy anything with Spike’s name on it and instead opted to have it personalised with a message from me to her – Be brave, be kind, be you. 

Gift #4 – Some swords to play fight with daddy 
Fun in Morrisons with foam sword

This was a spur of the moment gift as Spike saw these in the supermarket and started playing. She sweetly asked if she could have one for her and one for me and daddy so she could play with us. As we were in the middle of food shopping I asked her to put them away and we’d add them to her birthday list. She was so sweet in returning them straight away, even though she was obviously upset she wasn’t getting them. I had to go and get them for her later. 

Gift #5 – A rainbow new tutu 

We got Spike a fairy wand, headband, wings and skirt set for Christmas and the skirt has ripped already. She asked for a new skirt and I thought I’d go one better – a rainbow tutu! I really hope she loves it. She loves rainbows and anything bright so I think it will go down well! We’ll see! 

Gift #6 – books, books and more books

Finally, what do you get a child who doesn’t need or want anything for their birthday? Books! A birthday isn’t complete without books. And Spike is going to be in book heaven on her birthday. She’s getting a 4 pack DC Superhero Girls set of comic style books, and a few amazing looking picture books which I grabbed from my local bookstore! Makes me excited for reading time too!