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I need a weeeeee! – Potty training update #3

Spike starting potty training back in January and I wrote about it here, and a bit here. But I haven’t given a full update since and I thought it was about time, now that she’s now dry through the night and rarely has any accidents anymore.

Quick results

We decided to do the quick change thing of going cold turkey with nappies from the start. Spike was only wearing nappies for bed from day 1 and she did really well, really quickly. Within a few weeks there were no accidents and she was telling us without being reminded about going to the potty.

Night time potty training

One night, between a month or 6 weeks after the start of Spike’s potty training adventures, Spike told me she didn’t want to wear a nappy for bed. She had been dry nearly every day so I thought ‘why not?’ We reminded her that if she needed a wee during the night she was to shout of us and she went to bed. That night I did not sleep well at all.

Sleep well

The first night Spike woke up once. The next I woke her up because I woke in the middle of the night and worried too much. Pretty soon though, we were both a lot more settled and now she barely wakes for a wee.

Small accidents

One morning at around 5am I was awoken to the sound of crying. Spike had wee’d in the bed and had to be cleaned up. That is the only time so far we had a night time accident. There have been more accidents at nursery in particular, especially when Spike moved into Pre-School, but that was to be expected. Her transition to Pre-School didn’t go quite as planned, but thats another post!

I definitely recommend the idea of a no-messing potty training technique. I think the way we introduced it from day on and didn’t use pull-ups or anything meant Spike grapes it all quicker for sure.