Spike looking at camels at blackpool zoo and me contemplating why kids are so much better at social situations

It’s easier for them – dealing with social situations

Spike looking at camels at Blackpool Zoo before she became inseparable from her friendLast week, Spike and I went on a day out to the Zoo. We went with her nursery, two coaches of kids with their parents and a few nursery staff. In my usual stance for everyday life, I didn’t want to have to deal with social situations. They scare me, and I thought I could just spend quality time with Spike. It turns out though, I was forced to encounter some. They made me think about how much better toddlers are with social situations than I am as an adult.

As soon as we got to the zoo I sent T a picture of Spike. His response was “Cute, but where are her friends?” I had to reply saying I didn’t know.

Truth is, as soon as everyone walked into the zoo, we all went separate ways. I didn’t even try and talk to anyone. It probably would have been nice to spend the day watching her with her friends. Especially as I don’t get to see her interact at nursery, but I just wandered off and she had no choice but to follow.

This is the truth though; I was scared. At 2 you just get on with things, shouting the name of your friends across rooms and supermarkets without a care in the world. When it comes to new friends, if they shout as loud as you and bounce like you do, they are in!

As an adult you worry about making small talk. You wonder about having anything in common and think about the awkward silences. It’s a daunting prospect and not one I wanted to consider in the pouring down rain. I had a monstrous 2 year old to keep an eye on, which is enough for me.

I managed to get over though.  At least a little.  We bumped into Spike’s best friend, and they just wanted to play together. Once the two of them realised they were both at the zoo and free to roam, they couldn’t be separated! Me and this girls Grandma spent the rest of the day together too.

Sometimes I think I am rubbing off on Spike. She’s so quiet when we first go somewhere and rarely talks to people. Then I see her come out of her shell and running off and playing. She won’t talk to other kids the way I see my nephew doing which is what concerns me. I tried my best to talk to people at the zoo for her sake, but its hard to know what to say. To start a conversation and to be an adult!

Do you agree? Or would you be the one gabbing away on the bus like you’ve just met a long lost friend again?