T-Rex at Jurassic Kingdom Tour in Blackpool against a gorgeous blue sky backdrop
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Dinosaur got my finger! A Jurassic Kingdom Tour review

Dinosaur getting Spike's finger during our Blackpool Jurassic Kingdom TourIt was my birthday earlier this week. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I spent the day in the best way possible. With Dinosaurs at the Jurassic Kingdom Tour in Blackpool!

I’m a fan of dinosaurs, everything about them fascinates me. The way they lived before man, the way they show evolution. The way we think we know so much about them but in actual fact its all guess work. I love the dinosaur species names and how they have been thought of and how you can make everything into a raptor or a saurus!

Dinosaurs are a big feature in my house so its no surprise that Spike loves them too. This is why I thought the Jurassic Kingdom Tour would make for a fantastic day out. And why I was so excited to find out it was on my doorstep over my birthday!

About the Jurassic Kingdom Tour

If you haven’t heard about Jurassic Kingdom then I’ll give you a little bit of an explanation. Its “where dinosaurs come to life!” according to the website. And it is that, kinda! Its a dinosaur experience, set in beautiful (in Blackpool’s case) surroundings, where you follow a trail and meet some amazing creatures. On your way round there are boards in front of each dinosaur telling you what we know about that type of dinosaur, and there are speakers with dinosaur sounds coming out of them. The dinosaur actually move, in the way we believe dinosaurs to have moved, though they are fixed in place.

Arriving at the attraction

Baby Triceratops and me at Blackpool Jurassic Kingdom Tour 2017

We headed over to Blackpool early in the hope Spike would sleep in the car. She did for 25 minutes and then was awake asking for the dinosaurs. Big mistake telling her where we were going! We tried parking in Stanley Park, where Jurassic Kingdom is based, but with a small car park, a large attraction and a nice day, there was no chance. We parked up on a road nearby and walked over to the Park.

Once there, there was no queuing and we got straight in. The first thing we saw was the raptors by the entrance, then the baby triceratops through the entrance. These weren’t animatronic but they provided a nice warm up for Spike. There were steps up to the baby Triceratops and we carried the pushchair up. But there was a way round for pushchairs and wheelchairs to access this area.

The first moving dinosaur

We moved on to the first animatronic dinosaur which was a triceratops that was pretty impressive in size. Spike took a while to warm to it, and much preferred the baby one poking out the egg that didn’t move or make a sound, but she eventually came round. We read a little about it and followed the path round.

On the way round

Readaraptor Hatchling mummy in a dinosaur egg at Jurassic Kingdom BlackpoolThe route you are meant to take to see the dinosaurs is really clear and easy to follow. There are stalls around the tour that sell hot and cold drinks and food so you don’t have to worry about leaving the attraction for that kinda thing.

While the animatronic dinosaurs are cordoned off, there are interactive parts of the tour. There are dinosaur eggs to sit in, a large raptor head you can climb inside and poke your head out of, and a protoceratops you can sit on. Or at least we did… I’m not sure if you are meant to! Later on there was also an egg you could get into and poke your head out of too! Which I enjoyed immensely!

The tour takes you into the ‘woods’ where pterodactyls are hiding in the treetops and the raptors are trying to escape their cage, and then back out where mummy or daddy brachiosaurus is munching the treetops finding tasty leaves for its baby.

There were some true to live models, with dinosaurs attacking each other, with visible scars showing and distressed sounds. Then another where a T-rex type dinosaur was eating smaller dinos. Which I guess make the attraction true to life. I think some people might find that a bit scary and a bit off putting if they had little ones but I’m not one to keep Spike away from that kinda thing so wasn’t phased.

Each of the dinosaurs had plaques in front of them to teach you about the differences and the way they lived. I really liked this touch although we didn’t stop to read many of them, I think we would have done if Spike was older.

The special effects and technology

T walking up to T-rex at Jurassic Kingdom tour blackpoolI was really impressed with how realistic these dinosaurs looked. The movement was smooth and the bodies moved as they ‘breathed’ during the types when the sounds were playing. The sounds were a bit loud and at one point Spike didn’t realise she was next to a speaker when it came on and she ran a mile. But they brought the dinosaurs to life even more. I would have liked some of the speakers to be closer to the actual dinosaurs, rather than to the paths, for the larger dinosaurs especially but never mind!

The wow factor of the entire tour had to the be the T-rex though. It was massive and because of its size I didn’t expect it to move. But it did and it was magical! Just take a look at how small T looks as he’s walking up to it!

Every time one of the dinosaurs made a noise and moved, Spike would get over reactive and start saying “Ouch! Dinosaur got my finger!” Which was the cutest thing ever too! She would point at them, say it, then hide her hand under her arm! Too adorable!

Take a trip to Jurassic Kingdom

Jurassic Kingdom was an amazing day out for us. I think it took around an hour and a half to two hours for us to walk round it and spend a little bit of time in the attraction. It would have been longer if Spike was interested in learning more about the different dinosaurs.

The tour is only in Blackpool until 13th August but from there it goes up to Glasgow from August 26th to September 3rd. Then it heads to Newcastle from 23rd September to 1st October and Leeds from October 14th to 29th. It would make a perfect School holiday visit in Leeds if you are around there!

Take a look  at the Jurassic Kingdom Tour website for more info about prices, venues and dates.