Keeping the 3rd bedroom from turning into a junk room - finding the right storage solution with Wayfair
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Keeping the 3rd bedroom room from turning into the junk room! – Finding the the ideal storage solutions with Wayfair

In our previous house we had two reception rooms, and a separate kitchen, as well as an outside room that was perfect for storing bikes, chest freezers etc. The understairs cupboard houses all our Christmas decorations, the hoover, our mounds of memory boxes. There were 3 bedrooms, and a huge cupboard on the stairs for towels, bedding etc. The new house, lets just say its much, much smaller. However, the front reception room was literally a junk room…

Being smart with our space 

We have moved to a new build.  There is no understairs storage (It’s a toilet). The living room and kitchen are open plan. There’s two grass filled gardens, but no outside space to store a lawnmower. There is one small cupboard on the top floor, not enough for all our stuff. 

Bookcase and wardrobe

Turning the 3rd bedroom into a multifunctional space 

We decided early on that our stepson was old enough not to need his own room in our new house. At 19 he’s away at uni. He will have a bed of some description to stay in when he visits but thats all. And he doesn’t have that yet. The third bedroom needs to give us back some of the storage space our old house did, a space for my books to live, and a space for guests to stay. 

Storage is key… 

With two large bookcases already in the room, we have to be smart with the rest of it. We’ll need somewhere for my stepson and guests to sleep. Plus somewhere for the outdoor coats, towels, bedding and things like that to be stored. We started looking for something handy, basic and not huge, to make the most of the space we have. Thankfully Wayfair was able to help. 

Wayfair’s Wilhelmine 2 Door Wardrobe

Scouring the Wayfair website I came across the Wilhelmine 2 door wardrobe. It looked perfect for spare bedroom storage as its not too big but perfect for storing away the boxes of bedding and all those bits we need to hand, but don’t want on show.

Getting our new wardrobe  

The wardrobe arrived quickly, split into two boxes and the delivery driver didn’t even need to call to check where our house was. I think he’s the first not to! Opening the boxes I found the smaller one to contain the top, bottom and shelf of the wardrobe. The  larger box (which needed two to carry it up the stairs) contained the sides, doors and all the fittings. 

Putting the wardrobe together 

The instructions were really clear and after some initial help from T, I was able to get on and build. Spike obviously ‘helped’ a lot. It took around an hour in total, split across two days because I got to the hammering part of the build just as we hit Bedtime. But we soon had a fully functioning wardrobe in the ideal space in our small bedroom.

My thoughts on the Wilhelmine 2 Door Wardrobe 

As a lower end of the budget wardrobe I wasn’t expecting loads. However it has delivered. It was easy to put together and is stylish as well as being sturdy. It looks like it’ll hold plenty and the top shelf is great for the bedding and towels. As its not too high I will also be using the top of the wardrobe to store a couple of boxes, and the bottom of the inside to store our small suitcase, and my (too many) handbags! 

Getting there with our new home…

Thankfully this means our 3rd bedroom is pretty much there. We need to find a chair bed and put a couple of bits of artwork up and we’ll have the multifunctional space we need! Next its on to that outside storage we need… watch this space!

Disclosure: Please be aware that I was gifted the wardrobe for the purpose of this post. However all thoughts and opinions are my own