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Keeping the routine – how we’re structuring our day to stay safe and happy

So we’re inside for the foreseeable future. While for some people this wont be a problem at all, for me and Spike it is not usual. We’re always doing something. Spike has been at nursery, then school, every weekday since she was 10 months old. I usually have work and if I’m not at work I’m meeting friends or going to an event etc. Weekends are spent on days out and lots of walks. We’re not stay at home type people. Until now, because we have to be to stay safe.

Structuring the day

Spike is a very routine child and that probably comes from the fact we’ve had a similar routine since she was 9 months old. She doesn’t do well not knowing what’s next, what we;re doing for the day. Neither do I. I have been furloughed at work too, so I literally have nothing to do other than homeschooling Spike. This all felt like a lot for me to deal with on day one so I decided to use my Bullet Journal to schedule out the day. 

Lesson plans 

Each evening Spike’s school are sending through a little work to go through the next day so I spend my breakfast time putting this into our daily plan. There’s only about half an hour of maths, phonics and ‘other EYFS area’ work each but I add to it and we end up doing between that and an hour of each depending on Spike’s mood that day. There are plenty of breaks and lunch factored in and we’ve found some great online activities for getting movement in each day too, like PE with Joe, Captain Fantastic and WobbelYoga live. 

It’s not just homeschool that needs a schedule though

I feel better with my habits being ticked off in the way that I usually tick them off. We get up and while Spike has breakfast I do my daily yoga session. I then eat my breakfast while bullet journaling and setting out our day. We then do our fitness class which Spike won’t let me sit out and I spend the time while she’s doing her first ‘class’ blogging or doing my coursework – if she lets me. I also used to have Tuesday nights to myself for coursework and fitness classes and I’ve kept that ‘me time’ up. Though the fitness class has unfortunately had to stop. In the afternoons I am trying to get some reading time in while Spike plays on her own – some days that doesn’t happen though…

Not being strict 

Whilst we have the schedule in place which takes us through to about 2pm each day, I’m trying not to be strict with Spike. She enjoys learning and I dont want that to end. So if she wants to do something slightly different of doesn’t feel like learning about Maths at all one day I don’t push her. We just find something else to do for that allocated time. We always go for our one ‘exercise’ of the day, a walk, in the afternoon – usually around 3pm when T finishes work which then breaks the day up some more. Lots of amazing websites have allowed access to their resources for free during this time, including The Maths Factor and Twinkl so there’s plenty for us to do outside her set work too. 

Easter break 

The Easter holidays are fast approaching and to be honest this scares me as it means her school wont be sending the work over and Spike wont have that scheduled day. I think I’ll still break the day down though as it seems to make everything go a bit faster. We’ll have an hour of something which will get our blood pumping, then an hour of making our mind work, and an hour of play after lunch etc. I love that learning comes in all forms when you have a younger child and she seems to ask questions about all sorts as she’s playing. 


Weekends blend into the week a bit but are at least a little easier for me to deal with as T doesn’t have to work. I’m going to try and get as much coursework done over the weekends while T is with Spike but we also try to go on a bit of a longer walk – while keeping our distance from others, on the weekend. 

How are you coping with staying inside during isolation? I’m glad I’ve got blogging as an outlet and we live in a world where internet and social media is allowing me to keep in touch with family and friends. I have never been more grateful for that.