Stocking fillers for last minute buys this christmas
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Last minute stocking filler gift guide – Because panic buying is the way forward

No matter how organised you are, there will always be someone you end up panic buying for! This year I’ve panic bought for a lot more people than usual. With a little over a week to go, I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping and I have no idea when its all going to come. Thankfully I know and trust my favourite online retailers so I can trust their final delivery slots. The only things I’ve got to buy now are the odd bits. Nursery staff, stocking fillers and that kind of thing… I thought I’d share a five of these stocking filler, last minute purchases with you on the blog to give you an idea of the kinds of things you can grab on the quick if needed for stores that have their final delivery slots this week.

Harry Potter Egg Cup and Toaster set

This is an amusing little gift for any Harry Potter lover. The one I’ve picked up was for Spike’s nursery key worker as I know she loves Harry Potter as much as we do! I kinda wish I ate boiled eggs, I’d keep it for myself if I did! What’s more, this is made of biodegradable plastic too! Which makes me happy! Grab yours here.S

Caveman Grunt n Go Game

This Caveman board game looks like such a great game and If you have a family that loves to play games of any kind together it’ll be a great one for them. It would be perfect for a pre-teens stocking! We’ll be playing over Christmas and I can’t wait to have a laugh with it! 

Lanka Kade wooden animals

We love our Lanka Kade wooden animals, especially the dinosaurs! This cute little things are under £3 so make for the ideal stocking filler! With a final order date of Thursday you will have to act fast to bu these. If you are a North West England local though, the fantastic Storytellers Inc in Lytham has some in stock!

Sega Android controller
Sega Saturn Android Controller

A little on the more expensive side for a stocking filler, this is a must have gadget for any retro gamer. You download your favourite Saga games to your android and get to play them on a controller – just as you would have done back in the day! What’s even better is that the games are free too! I can’t say who this one is for in case they are reading… but its going to go down well, I’m certain of it! Final order date for this is Thursday 20th December though, so act fast if you want to surprise the retro gamer in your life!

Eco friendly straws

I love the idea of spreading a bit of eco-friendly love this Christmas and stainless steel straws are a great gift idea! Thankfully Amazon are growing into the eco-friendly range a bit more lately and have some fantastic products with prime delivery, meaning you can order right up until the weekend for Christmas delivery! I love these Earthy Straws with bag and brush – so handy! 

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