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Learning to read – Watching Spike learn to read through phonics

Last week I really enjoyed sitting down with Spike to read a storybook. She’d picked this particular book up off the shelf at home and asked to take it to Grandma’s with her so I told her to put it in the bag without really looking at which book it was.

Ant and Bee, a learning to read book

The book in question was Ant and Bee. A lovely book blogger friend sent me it when I had Spike saying it helped her to read and thought it would be nice for Spike. It introduces simple words starting with each letter of the alphabet and puts those words into a story. The story is written in black ink but with those words in Red, so you can introduce them to your child, then the idea is that your child reads the red words as you go through the story.

Learning with Ant and Bee

We’ve read Ant and Bee multiple times since Spike was born. Until last week it was me reading the story to Spike and showing her the pictures so she learnt the words for certain objects. It’s a fun little story but it’s priority is learning to read over storytelling so I never really pick it up through choice. Spike will ask me to read it but we haven’t really read it for a few months.

Teaching mummy phonics

Spike has been coming home from nursery and teaching me phonics for about a year now and I find it fascinating. Phonics wasn’t really a thing when I was at school so I haven’t ever heard it but Spike loves sharing it with me. When we started reading Ant and Bee the first word introduced was Ant and she read the phonics out. Naturally I asked her if she could put the three phonics sounds together to make the word and she did!

Reading with Spike

We carried on reading and I got Spike to put the sounds of each letter together then read the red words as they appeared in the story. We got quite far for Spike’s first attempt at reading and I was so impressed with her! Funnily enough at nursery this week her keyworker said she’s showing more and more interest in books so she’s going to start teaching her how to put letters together to read words and when I told her what Spike had learnt over the weekend she was so impressed!

Future reading partner

I cannot wait until me and Spike can read together for real. I am a massive fan of reading and there’s nothing that excites me more than Spike reading me a story! That will be a brilliant day!