Learning words

Readaraptor-Hatchling-learningwords-cows-at-the-farmHaving studied English Language and Literature at university I have always had a high appreciation for vocabulary and reading. I read as much as I physically can and I love that Spike seems to have picked up on my love of books and also loves to be read to. We read to her every night before bed and she often brings us books during the day.

As everyone else started talking Spike was a little behind. She didn’t say her first word until she was nearly 11 months old, which was ‘Dada’ and then barely said anything until very recently. She won’t repeat words I say to her but as she understands everything I say and can follow instructions really well I decided not to worry too much.

Since I stopped worrying as much I have noticed that she actually has little bursts of new words every now and then. All of a sudden she will have a few days when she will come out with loads of new words, then she won’t say anything for the next week at all. She’ll babble and its obvious she’s saying stuff, its just not actual words, but thats fascinating too… she also communicates really well without words, pointing at things and making gestures.

She surprised me just the other day by shouting “birdy” at a book with some chickens in, but I’ve never even said that to her before so I don’t know where she’s got that from! She can also even say Dinosaur, and although I know where thats come from, but its still impressive!

At the minute she has just started saying “Mummy” and won’t stop saying it so thats obviously her word of the moment but at the farm this weekend she also said cow and chick chick so I think we’re finally getting somewhere with her speech as well as her communication.

It’s really fascinating hearing her say new things and working out where she’s got them from, and how somethings she knows exactly how to say but chooses not to until a certain time. I love that she can finally tell me things, get my attention and communicate without just crying at me too, it definitely makes things easier, but I am still a little concerned about the fact she says hardly anything in comparison to some of the other toddlers we know her age!

If you were a late speaker, or your child was, give me a heads up and put my mind at ease!