Image of new cot to bed transition result with caption of I like my new bed making the move from cot to bed

I like my bed – Moving from cot to bed

blog title image showing new bed with caption I like my new bed making the move from cot to bed At the weekend we finally made the move from cot to bed for Spike. It’s been on the cards for a while as I know its usually around 2 that this transition happens. However I don’t like to rush Spike into anything that I think my cause upset. She likes structure, and doesn’t like it much when something changes.

How to know it’s time for the move from cot to bed

Spike getting involved with her cot to bed transition process

I found Spike was increasingly trying to get in and out of her cot by herself a few weeks ago. This was mostly during the day or on a morning. However I knew that it was time to do something about it when she woke at 2am and I went in to find her hanging over the side. I knew now was the time because if we didn’t remove the sides of her cot soon she would hurt herself, possibly in the middle of the night.

I also thought that this was a good time to change due to the fact Spike is showing interest in potty training. That will be easier if we didn’t have to rush and get her out the cot.

How we introduced the idea of moving from cot to bed

Spike looking very pleased with her new bed being made

When I first broached the idea of changing to a big girl bed Spike was not up for it. She just said “me baby” and that was that. A few days later in John Lewis, they had a cot next to a bed. They were the same cot bed model, in its two different forms. I asked her if she wanted a bed like that and she was adamant she didn’t. This is why I thought we’d have an issue with the transition from cot to bed.

I showed her pictures in books and TV shows where children get in bed but still she didn’t seem interested. So I wondered what else I could do. Wracking my brains I thought that maybe seeing some beds that she could actually get on would help. So we took a trip to Ikea. This was the best idea I’ve ever had. The first toddler bed we saw was one of their extendable beds with a duvet with rabbits and foxes on and their Cloud cushion, which Spike has in her cot already. She jumped on the bed shouting “My cushion, my cushion!” and didn’t want to move. Suddenly the idea of a big girl bed was amazing.

How we planned for the transition from cot to bed

Once home I talked to her about how cool it would be to have a big girl bed. I explained that her cot actually turns into a bed. This was fascinating for her and she seemed up for the idea. We introduced a baby gate to her bedroom door before moving her from cot to bed, allowing her to get used to it.

So I went out and bought some bright, nice bedding and proper duvet and pillow for her bed. This was a new thing as she only had a cushion and sleeping bag before. I thought would help reinforce the idea of a big bed as it made it look more like our bed, which she loves to climb into!

Once I’d got that, I talked some more about the transition with Spike an told her we’d get her a big bed at the weekend.

Making the change

Spike's new bed made with new duvet and new shelves above bed

Saturday came round and another trip to Ikea for the bed guard I’d forgotten to buy came and went. She enjoyed jumping on the beds again and playing with the toys. Once home I went upstairs to work on her cot. Naturally she joined me, asking time and time again “What you doing, mummy?”

I think seeing me transform her cot, and ‘helping’, made her realise that her new bed was just the same as her cot, minus the sides. I took the sides off and she proclaimed “Not baby cot!” Thankfully I was able to finish the job, dress the bed and sort her room out without her under my feet.

Introducing Spike to her big bed

Once dressed, I thought the bed had the wow factor to impress her. We brought Spike into her room. She “wow!!”ed then jumped on her bed. She announced she loved her bed and that it wasn’t a baby cot anymore. Knowing it was the same cot, without its sides, and it being in the same place as before helped.

Spike sleeping soundly after the transition from cot to bed

She also got some nice shelves above her cot for her toys to live and a couple of other bits that we are yet to implement but she knows are around ready to be put in place.

So far the cot to bed transition has gone really smoothly as she loves her new bed. She keeps telling us she’s a big girl now and how she’s no longer a baby. A few nights in, she has slept through every night, and has slept in too!

We’re going to Butlins in a few weeks and she’ll be in a big bed there. So, I knew that she would need to get used to the idea of a bed rather than a cot. I think she has transitioned well and she seems to love her new big girl status!

Any tips for getting her to stop jumping on the bed would be appreciated though!