our latest lockdown update and the return to school for spike, with two images of Spike, 5 years old, designing a pirate ship for school and counting inside tens frames

Our 14th week in ‘lockdown’ – Getting ready to go back to school and our new normal

We entered our 14th week of ‘lockdown’ this week. With the new rules in place I don’t even know if we can call it lockdown now. I don’t understand whats going on. We live in a world where Primark and Ikea are open but taking your child to the park isn’t a thing? Thankfully we’ve been lucky enough to have natures playground right on our doorstep and have found some great places for Spike to play.

The last few weeks

We celebrated Spike’s 5th birthday in lockdown during week 11 (I think…) It was half term. We had started getting a very moody, emotional and downright horrible Spike on our hands the few weeks before half term and I’d had enough. I was hoping the break would help. When it was announced the week before that the government thought that schools could open on June 1st for Reception age children, I was so happy. Then the school emailed to say it wasn’t going to happen.

Homeschool woes

We tried to carry on homeschooling. We really did. But Spike wasn’t for having it and after 3 days of shouting and crying by 10am, I gave up. We didn’t touch any of it for another 2 weeks. She had an extended half term and I was thankful for it. Then social bubbles were announced and Auntie K came to stay.

Social bubbles

Social bubbles are households of a single person being allowed to visit another household. And not have to social distance. It meant that after 3 months of no hugging my sister could come and stay and have all the cuddles she wanted. She stayed for 2 days, 1 night and it made Spike so happy to have her here. The day after she left Spike finally agreed to do some work too!

Playing in the streets

There is a massive sense of community on our estate. Its still being built, and the families and couples who live here all talk to one another, and all the kids play together. It was lovely until lockdown hit, then it seemed sad. There were no toys to walk round on the estate, no kids playing on the swing. It wasn’t as fun. After VE Day, and the schools were told they could open soon, there was a socially distanced party and the kids started to play again. Since then Spike has been getting more and more interested and this week asked if she could go play too. I decided enough was enough. She was ‘able’ to be back at school 3 weeks ago – even if her school didn’t open. So I let her go and play.

A much better mood

I can’t begin to explain the difference in Spike’s mood in the few days since she’s been allowed to play. She’s good, she keeps a bit of distance for the most part and playing has so far included water gun fights and scooter races. Its forced me to interact with new people too. Which is good because I have a habit of avoiding people! She’s made really good friends with one little girl and constantly asks if she can go play in their garden et. I think the lockdown blues were well and truly getting to her and this has been what she needed to get back to herself.

Returning to school

The school have now said that its time to get her back so she’s in a school. She’ll be back for a couple of days for the next two weeks, then a week of homeschool. I’ve explained the concept of bubbles to her and she’s excited but also nervous. I think the excitement overrides the nervousness though as she misses her friends so much. Once thats done, the summer holidays will officially begin.

Summer holidays

I don’t know what the plan is for over summer as her after school club said there would be a summer holiday scheme but we haven’t heard anything else yet. With the latest relaxation in rules it would surprise me if theres not. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m looking forward to a few days to myself in the run up to the summer to get ahead though. Especially as summer holiday scheme will mean a return to work for me.!

How’s lockdown going where you are? Are you back to work/ the kids back to school? How have they found it?