Looking to the year ahead – being better humans and working hard

I generally try not to make resolutions. Last year I didn’t make any, but I feel that 2017 wasn’t really a year of anything productive. It wasn’t a bad year, it just wasn’t that eventful either.

Highlights of 2017

The highlights the last year were seeing two of my oldest friends get married and doing some amazing things for charity that I never thought I’d do. Obviously its been amazing to see Spike grew up but I don’t have any massive stand out moments, we just plodded on with life.

Things I want from 2018

I’m determined to make 2018 a better year. I want to progress in nearly every aspect of our lives, so that does make it bear some weight. I want to be in a better place financially, be a bit healthier, a bit more eco-friendly when it comes to our household, and be in a much better place mentally – which I think is quite intertwined with my career path.

Things I know that 2018 has in store for us

There are certain things that 2018 definitely has in store. L is 18 in April, I can’t quite believe the sweet little 8 year old I met two months after I started dating T is going to be an adult but its happened! In turn this means he’ll be applying for uni and hopefully heading there in September. August sees my birthday and I turn 30, somehow! I’ve always wanted to go to Amsterdam and I’m really hoping to go for my 30th with a few friends! Spike is obviously 3 in May and this year will see us potty train and apply for her school place – which sounds far too soon for my liking! Hopefully none of these things will get in the way of my goals, and support them instead!

Goal 1: A better place financially

The night before New Years Eve I started this one a bit early. I signed up for a Help to Buy ISA so that I know I’m on the right track to one day becoming a home owner. I’m going to try and be better with money so that we don’t have to kill ourselves for simple things, and be better at not hoarding things we don’t need, but selling them on.  I’m going to try and be better at making things over the course of the week so that we can bulk buy ingredients, rather than chucking out half packets of things we don’t use!

Goal 2: A healthier me

Part of this linked into the last. I believe that better, healthier, recipes can be found that use similar or the same ingredients. So thats part of my plan – eat a little healthier. We’ve also discovered we spend far too much on takeaways and eating out so the more stuff I can make at home the better! I want to try and complete the couch to 5k. I only managed to get to week 8 last year, and I can do it! However this isn’t me wanting to loose weight. I just want to be healthier. I need to learn to love my body as it is!

Goal 3: A more eco-friendly household

Since starting to shop for wooden toys for Spike I’ve found lots of ways of doing my part for the environment. I want to implement some of those this year. The first change I plan on making is to move to a reusable cup and CSPs for my period. An easy, simple change that will stop me from having to buy tampons and pads. Then I am hoping to tackle the kitchen. In time I want to stop using sandwich bags and cling film every day for work. Though T might need some persuading for this!

Goal 4: A better mind

I’ve been hearing lots about Headspace and mindfulness that I love the sound of. I need to have a better mind and take note of the things that are good in my life, because there are a lot of them. I’m planning on starting a weekly diary to monitor one good thing we did/were involved in as a family each week of the year. I plan on also starting a 1SE video to record a second a day for the year. I really need to work on my confidence too, especially with work. If I want to progress in my career I need to. At the minute every step forward I take, I push myself back two because of my confidence levels. I need to take charge otherwise I will never get anywhere – which won’t help. I am going to try and catch myself second guessing myself and take on what I need to take on to get myself into a better place.

Lets make 2018 a great one

If you are reading this, and have made it this far, please let me know what your goals are too! I would love to help you on your way with your goals if I can. Maybe you might have some tips for me too!