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Low self esteem and how I combat it – My tips for those days when feeling low

I’m not a very confident person. Recently I was in a situation where my confidence took a massive beating. I was probably the lowest I’ve been in a long, long time. This low self-esteem stemmed from one part of my life and I soon found it seeping into other areas. However, I managed to build myself up a bit and stop it from affecting them too much. I wanted to share my tips with you in the hopes it helps.

Staying active

I never really understood this method of combating low self-esteem. Thinking that it was just made up by a personal trainer somewhere I always ignored the whole staying active recommendation. But this year I have found a new found love for exercise. My morning Yoga routine sets me up for the day. It makes me feel better as soon as I start it and I always feel worse on the days I don’t do it.

Finding a passion

Taking the effort to find something you love doing when you are feeling down is hard. I’m not going to deny that. But it will be worth it. Its worth noting that finding motiviation to do the thing you know you love when you are down is just as tough. My passion is hoop. It is my happy place now and it helps the it also falls under the staying active bracket. But when I was particularly low, I didn’t want to go. I pushed myself only because I paid for it. But I always felt better once I was actually there and joining in.

Appreciate the little things

When you feel like the sh*t is hitting the fan I tend to try and focus on the small achievable things. Earlier in the year I started a bullet journal. Every month I have a “Gratitude” page. On this page I write 1 thing that I’m grateful for that day. I literally wrote “eating” one day when I was feeling particularly down. But Just that few minutes to really think about my day and find one small thing that made me happy helped.

Forget about others

Comparison is everywhere these days. And its a bummer when you are feeling down. You will scroll through social media and wonder why your life doesn’t match your friends’. You will compare yourself to your workmates and feel like you aren’t worthy. Take a break from social media and try to remove yourself from people who make you feel bad about yourself. They aren’t worthy of your time. Try not to think about others at all, especially not when it comes to what they think about you.

Talking it through

If you are lucky enough to have people in your life to offer you an ear, take it. My partner is great when it comes to allowing me to rant but my sister is even better. I literally called her and swore and cried down the phone to her not long ago and she just let me get it all out. Never underestimate the power of that.

Recognise when help is needed

Thankfully my recent bout of low self esteem really was noticed early on by myself and others around me. I was able to throw myself into hoop, into activities with Spike and talk things through with people around me. I was able to understand where the issue was and work towards fixing that. It’s not always the case and I’ve been in the pit before where I couldn’t work out where the issue was. In those instances I asked for extra help. There is help out there, professional help should you need it. The NHS website offers a bit of guidance on this. Try and access these when you need them as they really will help you more than you realise.