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Mama styles for Mother’s Day – My top 5 Mama sweatshirts

Obviously Mother’s Day is round the corner, and us mum’s tend to like to get a little spoilt for it. My first Mother’s Day involved a gorgeous Apple Photobook to celebrate my first year of being a mum. Last year I got a Harry Potter cushion from Primark and a gorgeous photo frame which now holds a photo from the day, taken on the beach at one of my favourite places.

It will be hard to top that, but one of the ways my darling partner could, is to get me a mama sweatshirt. I’ve been after one for a while, but I don’t want a proper in your face ‘I’m a mum!’ one. Sweatshirts of this kind are hard to find because they are usually made by awesome WAHPs who you learn about through Facebook, Instagram and word of mouth. I happened to stumble upon a thread on a Facebook group which helped me find two of these and I’m so glad I did!

Winging It – The Fmly Store

I absolutely love the ‘Winging It’ sweat and have done since I first saw it, when I was pregnant with Spike. It sums up what I thought motherhood would be, and what it has turned out to be. You never know how you will respond to things until they happen, especially in parenthood, and I love that this optimises that in a single phrase.

I Raise Tiny Humans, You Can’t Scare Me – Talibri Kids

This is the fantastic jumper pictured above, and I love it! I refer to Spike as a tiny human all the time. I always talk about kids as tiny humans. And I think since having Spike that nothing will scare me ever again. That’s why I need this ‘I raise tiny humans, you can’t scare me‘ sweatshirt in my life. It is perfection in a jumper! I don’t even care that I’ve only got, and are planning on only having one. It still works! I love their ‘Aint no Hood like Motherhood’ tees too!

Parenting Style: Survivalist – Little Bubbaloos

I totally relate to this… you ever have those days where you think ‘Sod it, I’ll just survive today!’ This top by Little Bubbaloos is for those days, for sure!


Again, another statement that just shows what motherhood is for me. ‘Muddy Puddles, Messy Cuddles‘. Some days you are stupidly happy to see them playing and having fun in the great outdoors, you don’t care that their covered in mud, you will scoop them up regardless. Other’s you will care, but when they fall, or need your arms surrounding them, that care washes away. You will do anything for them, including joining in the muddy puddle jumping! 

The beautiful flatlay from the Lauren Dwyer site shows it as a tee, but it’s available as a jumper too, and I’m convinced it will just just as awesome. A shoutout has to go out for her ‘Just another Manic Mumday’ sweatshirt as well!

Mama Llama – Clare Close

This Mama Llama sweatshirt does violate the not shouting mum in your face thing… but the reason I love it is because its a Llama. I have a stupid obsession with Llama’s so if I can get away with one on my clothing, I will… Its too cute and the only reason I haven’t bought it yet is because its gold writing… I don’t really do gold. I’m tempted to violate that rule for it too though!