Christmas and New Year

A manic Christmas Eve – Our traditions the day before the big day!

Christmas Eve was always mental in my house growing up. It was the storm before the calm rather than the other way round! Our family owned and managed a corner shop in a small village and Christmas Day was the only day we were shut. You might think that it sounds like a quiet little business to have. You would be wrong. There were papers to deliver, stock to order, deli food to make and staff to manage. My parents worked 20 hour days. And Christmas Eve was one of the busiest days of the year – mainly catering for the one little thing that the people of the village forget to get in their big food shop! Not only that… my dad would usually spend the day doing the jobs in the house. You know, the ones that he’d promised my mum they would get done by Christmas all year…

Thats why I love a manic Christmas Eve now. It adds to the fun and excitement that the time of year brings. I’ve worked Christmas Eves in the past and its a weird atmosphere. But since Spike was born I’ve not had to, and I don’t plan to! I love our Christmas eves so far and this year isn’t going to differ.

We spend most of the day at my Mother In Laws. My Sister in Law spends Christmas day at hers so her kids have their Christmas at Grandma’s on Christmas Eve. We’ve always joined them to give our Nephews their presents. However, this is something we’re starting from this year too – so it will be Spike’s Christmas Day there too! There will be wine, and possible something stronger. Pigs in Blankets are a must. And the music will be belting.

Its a fun day, filled with loads of excitment for all the kids. Spike has always had half of her grandmas presents on Christmas Eve but today she will get them all, and I’m certain she’ll love them all!

As its such an exciting day, we make the evening as calm as possible. I found out about Christmas Eve boxes when I was pregnant and I loved the idea of them. I’ve never actually got round to getting a box, but I’ve always given her new pair of pjs, a Christmas themed teddy and a winter/Christmas themed book on Christmas Eve. In addition we watch a Christmas themed movie as a family before she goes to bed. Last year was Stickman, and the year before was The Snowman and the Snowdog. This year we plan on watching Olaf’s Frozen adventures!

It so important to me that we get special family time. Its what Christmas is all about in my eyes. Especially since we work full time and don’t get enough time with her at any other times of the year!  Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? Let us know them if you do!