The many different ways parents can be superheroes – Blogtober17

When you are 2, your parents are everything. For most 2 year olds, these people look after you, make sure you are fed, watered and dressed. And they are the best people in the world.

A parent’s superpower list never stops growing

Since having Spike I have discovered that parents have many superpowers. They can detect a stinky nappy from across the room and get you out of it in record time. They can provide milk on tap – especially if mummy is breastfeeding. Getting rid of that gassy stuff from your belly? Not a problem! They help you get on all fours and move hard objects from that space where you are about to fall onto your belly. They provide you with the stabilisers for your first steps and teach you how to say words that sound so foreign when you are born.

Spike’s favourite superpower

Spike is 2 so all those superpower’s mentioned above have become redundant. Her parents greatest superpowers are the ability to make her nose disappear and reappear. We can also provide the right food at just the right time and know exactly when she wants juice and which type (most days). The tickle monster comes out at the right time and disappears at the right time. And both mummy and daddy make the best protectors when something is scary. I think her favourite superpower at the moment though is the ability to get rid of ouches as and when they happen with a single kiss.

I hurt myself!

These words come out of Spike’s mouth at least twice a day these days. She is constantly walking into things, putting things down on her feet etc. Earlier she was messing about on the sofa and slipped to the floor slowly but still managed to bang her hip on the table on the way down. She’s a klutz. The majority of the time I don’t think she has actually hurt herself. But a magic kiss always makes it better. Lets hope I can carry on being a superhero as she gets older!