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Maybe a present for our friend? – A gift guide for a 3 year old who doesn’t want anything

No word of a lie, my child is an odd one. Most nearly 3 year olds would have a list as tall as they are for birthday present ideas. Spike, on the other hand, just wants to get our friends baby a present instead. So I’m writing this gift guide for a 3 year old as things I believe she will enjoy for her upcoming birthday.

Dress up items

Spike does to dress up, but she only really does it at nursery as we didn’t have any dress up things until recently. I’ve noticed lots of other kids her age love it too and she will pretend to play dress up at home because she knows she doesn’t have anything. I’ve already bought her a dress-up Wonder Woman outfit for her birthday which I am sure she’s going to love!

Role Play toys

Along similar lines, I am looking at getting Spike a Drs Set. I’ve got my eye on this one from Plan Toys as we love wooden, sustainable toys in our home. It looks ace and she is always pretending that her babies are sick or need a Dr so at least she’ll finally have a way of treating them!


I am a big fan of allowing toys to be toys and if any child wants a doll, they should have them. At three, Spike is starting to want to accessorise a bit and I thought about introducing more dress up to her doll collection too. She has two baby dolls but I thought a more grown up one would be nice and headed over to the Lottie website. I love Lottie dolls as they aim to give girls and boys dolls that look how they will look as they get older. They also show that girls can be anything with their wide range of accessories and I’ve got Spike the Lottie Stargazer doll and the astronaut dress up set to go with her.

Books, books and more books

We’re lacking in the Julia Donaldson realm of books and Spike loves those, so I think I’m going to get her some more of those. I believe there is a new Sarah McIntyre out too, called Dinosaur Firefighters which I am definitely getting. Lets not forget the Little People, Big Dreams books too, I’m planning on getting one or two of those for her and they will be fantastic for any little people!

Things to help them grow into amazing tiny humans

Spike is showing an interest in space, so I’ve got my eye on this amazing space themed jigsaw. I want to get her anything that will help that interest grow and thats the reasoning behind the Lottie doll I have got her too. She’s also showing an interest in the way people think and feel, so I have asked my parents to buy her this emotional learning toy from Wodibow which I think she’ll love!

What are you planning for your 3 year old?

Have a child with a birthday coming up? I’d love to know how old they’ll be and what you are planning to get them. If your little ones are older than 3 please do tell me what you got them for their 3rd birthday too!