Midweek cocktails and flower arranging with Moonpig – Spending time with other bloggers from the comfort of home!

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Moonpig Virtual Blogger Event. And man am I glad I attended! It was so nicex to see other bloggers faces live again. Instagram is great but its not the same. And the team at Moonpig did an amazing job of catering to our needs too! Over the few days prior to the event some big boxes appeared, which contained flowers, cocktail making kits, balloons and gifts from Moonpig.

Exploring the moon pig app
The giant card next to my
MacBook in AR view

The event started with Jasper walking us through the Moonpig app. I didn’t realise just how good the Moonpig app was. I’ve used the website a lot in the past but the app is even better. There are reminder features so you don’t forget your friends and families birthdays. I’m on iPhone and the app is predominantly used by iPhone users so the features I’ll be talking about here are on iPhone but most are being developed for android too. The reminders mentioned above give you prompts based on relationships for cards and gifts. When looking for a birthday card, you can search by designer so it you find a card you love the look of which isn’t quite right, check out what’s on the back of the card to find more by that designer. Plus, there’s an AR feature which allows you to see the card in your own home so you know how big it is. The Giant cards look huge!! Also, the app saves your designs as you are doing them, in case you don’t write have time to finish the customisation.

My favourite Moonpig app feature

I really love the feature that Jasper talked us through about uploading your handwriting to a card. The app allows you to include handwriting, doodles etc of your own, by superimposing it onto the card, removing your background. I’ll be using the app to send my brother a card later this month and Spike will be so happy she’ll be able to include a drawing for him. I love that they have made this a feature as it injects your own personality into the cards which is something that has made me think twice about using Moonpig before.

Flower arranging
Flowers from Moonpig

After our walkthrough with Jasper, the lovely Roxanne gave us a flower arranging class. I just followed the instructions on our gorgeous Luxury Summer Garden Bouquet they sent and that worked fine pre-event. But after the event my flowers looked even better, I took them apart and put them together with Roxanne and they were lovely. She talked about what kind of vase you ideally need for what types of flowers, she also showed off the pollen free rainbow lily’s that Moonpig offer and I loved the look of those! In fact, Moonpig’s whole flower collection is just beautiful. While arranging the flowers she talked about the fact that its best to take your flowers out of the vase after 3 days and freshen up the water. Plus gave the advice to take something out if it starts to die to allow the other flowers to live for longer! I learnt a fair bit about flowers and the range that Moonpig offer are beautiful and would make anyone happy to receive them as a gift!

Cocktail Making Class

Finally, James from Mix and Twist came on screen for the part of the night the mums in the group had been waiting for – a Cocktail Masterclass! James talked us through the 3 main methods to make the best cocktail. The first is all about balance between your sour, sweet, alcohol and lengtheners. He also mentioned that the more ice there is, the better as it keeps the drink cold – meaning that actually less water gets into your drink! And finally, it should be pleasing to the eye!
We made three cocktails using a large bottle of Konik’s Tail Vodka, which is part of Moonpig’s gift range, and other ingredients sent through the post. I love that they provided literally everything we needed, right down to the muddler and the Mexican Elbow, which is the name of that squeezer thing that you use to squeeze lemons and limes apparently! The first was a Summer Garden cocktail, which was a bit like a mojito, with mint and cucumber and lime. Then we made a Strawberry Fizz which made me realise how easy it is to puree strawberries! And finally, my favourite, was the Passionfruit Martini. It was absolutely delicious!

A midweek evening well spent

I absolutely loved the event, even though I had to do it in my open plan living area and Spike definitely appeared once or twice! But no one seemed to mind! Haha! It was great to learn so much about the Moonpig app as I never realised just how much it does, plus giving us some tips about how best to arrange flowers will help me a lot in future! Just a heads up, if you download the app and use it before 26th August you can get 30% off a card and gift together by using the code APP30ORDER. Thanks to Moonpig for hosting the event!