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Mirroring Mummy – My little mini-me’s quirky ways

Spike has hit that age where she wants to copy whatever she sees others’ doing. She makes T laugh by putting her hands on her hips and mirroring mummy. She makes me laugh by pulling the same facial expressions I know I pull. And she makes us all laugh by mirroring the attitude that I give her when she’s being naughty.

The other day I heard her say “Oh Man!” when something fell on the floor. It was the exact same way I say the same phrase. I burst out laughing and she just did the same. I love having a little mini-me. However it does get us into trouble sometimes!

I hit daddy as a joke, she hits daddy. If I say a naughty word, she says a naughty word. I sit on the toilet… she sits on the stool next to the toilet. She does something she sees me do and tells T that its ok cos “Mummy did it”. She rarely understands that there are things mummy can do that she can’t.

However her need to be mirroring mummy all the time has helped us a lot. She’s closer to potty training that I expected her to be because she wants to be just like mummy. She is mightly independent because she wants to be just like mummy. And we’ve almost got the brushing of hair and teeth herself down to an art because she sees me do it.

It’s not just me that she enjoyed mirroring though. Daddy is the best tidy-uper and she copies that. She knows both of us are brilliant at changing nappies and wants to be just like us. To the extent that she has to change her toys’ nappies while we are trying to change hers. And she likes to make sure we’re all putting our shoes on at the same time, so she can be just like us.

Like I say, this is fantastic of some things. And most children are the same. They want to be just like mummy and daddy so its good to take advantage of it where you can! This summer the Denplan Big Family Brush Up┬áis trying to promote the idea of healthy, happy teeth by encouraging the whole family to get involved in making sure children’s teeth are brushed. The campaign runs until July 31st but theres no reason why you can’t download their fabulous resources and do it yourself into August!

We encourage Spike to brush her teeth by brushing ours in front of her and making sure she understands the concept of teeth-brushing. Her obsession with mirroring mummy really comes in handy because I can show her the way I brush my teeth and she’ll copy! Always a bonus! Give it a try it you have a copycat two year old who won’t brush their teeth!