semi- Feminist movies for girls like Frozen are awesome to help shape Spike into a strong, clever, confident girl
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Movies to help shape Spike into a strong, clever, confident girl – Blogtober17

Feminist movies for girls, or movies with great female characters like Rey from Star Wars are a great way to help shape a strong, clever, confident girl

Me and T spend most weekend evenings deliberating over which movie to watch. Quite often we spend that long talking about it that we don’t leave enough time to actually watch one! But on other nights we watch all sorts. From sci-fi adventures to rom coms to thrillers that get rooted deep into your brain.
I love a good movie. And I especially love a good movie that has a strong message for girls everywhere. I am a feminist so it annoys me when a movie doesn’t pass the Bechdel test. Even though some of my favourites from my pre-feminst days don’t!

I have a list of movies that I want to share with Spike as she grows up that I hope give out the right message to her about being true to herself. These movies are those which I hope shape her into a clever, strong, brave girl and in turn the outstanding young woman I know she is going to become. I thought I’d tell you a little bit about them and why I love them so much


We watched Frozen recently and it was the first movie Spike sat through all the way. This story spoke to me from the minute I first heard about it. Its about sisters and their love for each other. Its about being true to yourself after so much time of lying to everyone including yourself. And its about breaking the chains that hold you down. T doesn’t understand my love for Frozen but I have a sister I love so much. I’ve been through a period of lying to everyone including myself and I have broken so many chains that have held me back. When I think of everything I’ve achieved I want to break out in song too!


Brave is amazing. Not only are the accents awesome but its about a girl who when faced with the prospect of being married off, fought for her own hand! I love how bad ass Merida is. I love the archery scenes and the animation in it. It’s an important story about a mother and daughter relationship and its one that I want to share so badly with Spike.

Inside Out

I think Inside Out is such an important story because it helps little ones understand emotions. Especially the way emotions can change with age and whats going on around them. Its a sad story and it made me cry but the girl in it is trying to be true to herself and her feelings during it and the emotions that are running around in her head are trying to keep everything balanced. I loved it and I think in a few years Spike will too!

Star Wars

T loves Star Wars. I don’t get it. Its ok but its not my favourite thing to watch by far. However I want Spike to enjoy them growing up because I think they tell a very good story about love, feelings and understanding those feelings. The series has strong female characters and the more recent ones do pass the Bechdel Test, thankfully!

Now and Then

This was one of my favourite movies growing up and I love it even to this day. I haven’t watched it in quite some time but its a movie I had on VHS then bought on DVD when I got rid of my video player! I’ve since got rid, stupidly as its not on any streaming services! But it tells an important story of female friendship and how that shouldn’t be effected by any outside factors. Your friends are your homies, no matter what. It also goes through a lot about how things can change when you grow up (hormones and the like) so I think it will be perfect for her as a tween!