Red background image showing screenshot of Couch to 5K app reset with caption Mummy has lost her mojo how my fitness regime has gone out of the window

Mummy has lost her mojo – how my fitness regime has gone out the window

Blog title image showing screenshot of couch to 5k app reset message and caption Mummy has lost her mojo how my fitness regime has gone out of the window

On June 4th I embarked on a brand new fitness regime. I took my phone, and I ran with the first day of the Couch to 5K plan. This plan was expected to get me from unfit, to fine running 30 minutes in a row. And I did well. At first!

Its a 9 week plan. So if I stayed on track I would have finished it 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately though, I haven’t run for 4 weeks and I’m feeling it already.

Running, and my new fitness regime was helping me. Not only was I building up my metabolism, I lost 6lbs, which sounds like nothing but is something! And I was clearing my head from everything that was going on.

The first bump in the road was week 5, when I put off one of my planned runs. I went the next day, but I didn’t do as well as I wanted. Then I failed one of week 6’s days and felt rubbish. Nonetheless though, I kept going and completed week 7, which felt amazing! I was running 25 minutes none stop.

I never thought I’d manage 25 minutes non stop. Not after my first run and not before the first time I did it. It amazed me that I did it! Then I saw that week 8 was 28 minutes non stop. And that scared me. So I put it off.

Work stuff took over my life too. I was getting to work early, working through lunches, and then working at home once Spike had gone to bed.

Illness also because a factor when I managed to come on my period 2 weeks early. And it lasted 3 weeks. Drained and feeling crap, I didn’t want to run. I have always struggled with pains during my ‘time of the month’, but they hadn’t been that bad for years. I knew exercise would help, but I couldn’t bring myself to run.

And once a week goes by, it’s harder to get going again. The idea of going running fills me with dread because I know I’m gunna have to start from scratch again. My couch to 5k app progress sits incomplete, but I am cleaning the slate and going from the beginning again starting this week.

God knows when I’ll fit it in, but I’m determined. By the time this blog post goes live I should have run at least twice. I will be well into my first week of the couch to 5K programme and my fitness regime will be underway. Otherwise I’ll cry.

Also, this week I will be having to run to stop myself thinking about the fact I’m jumping out a plane in 4 days! If you’d like to sponsor me for that I would be very grateful, as would the lovely When You Wish Upon a Star, a fantastic children’s charity which my company is supporting this year. Visit the JustGiving page if you’d like the link to donate!