Days out

Mummy’s day off… #VikingArtyParty

#VikingArtyparty_blog-image-readaraptor-hatchling-manchesterskylineA few weeks ago I had the honour of being invited to the #VikingArtyParty in Manchester. Taking place in the King St Townhouse hotel this was a get together like no other! Promising to be lots of fun, with crafts and other bloggers, it delivered!

I’m terrible at crafts and I usually only go to blogger events if I know someone going. So basically this event hosted by Viking was kinda my idea of hell. But determined to do something out of my comfort zone following the #livbloggersignite networking chat, I decided to just go for it. I’m so glad I did too! The event consisted of 3 workshops and I only saw calligraphy when I got the invite to want to do it! The other two workshops were block printing and notebook decorating but the calligraphy is totally what I went for!

The event was in the gorgeous King Street Townhouse. I was terrified of going in but in I went. I mingled for about half an hour, which is were I met Lisa who put me at ease a bit once I got chatting!

The-crafty-hen-readaraptor-hatchling-block-printingBlock Printing

Block printing was my first workshop and it would appear that it is not for me. The lovely lady, Stacey from The Crafty Hen, who taught us how to create our block was great. But obviously no-one can teach talent! My block, which was meant to be a cloud, looked like a blob. The actual printing could have been better too. Nevermind!

I was sat with Lisa, Jess from All The World, Leanne from Little Babble and Lisa from That British Betty for this and they were all so much better than me but at least we had a laugh about my awful clouds! The actual block printing was fine, it was the making of the block I was awful at!

The Lunch break saved me from more embarrassment and I managed to chat a bit more to Jess, who it turns out, lives just down the road from me! We ate on the beautiful balcony and I really enjoyed grabbing a bit of the lovely Manchester Spring sun!


This is what I signed up to the event for! It was hard and it requires lots of concentration (Not something to do with Spike around then!). Your posture has to be spot on for it, which I struggled with! Other than that though I had a fantastic time learned how to hold the calligraphy pen and working my way through the pen strokes! I even managed to write my whole blog name at the end so I was very happy about that!

We were treated to a kit from the lovely Joyce from Artsynibs that I believe, at the time, isn’t even out in shops. This means I’ve now got my own starter kit for Calligraphy to carry it on at home. Now just to get rid of the child so I can do it!

Notebook Customisation

goodie-bag-finshed-crafts-vikingartyparty-manchester-readaraptor-hatchlingThis took me back to school when I had to back my books. But at least it was fun! I don’t really have much of a knack for this kind of thing but Chloe from The Crafty Hen had a really cute example and I decided to kinda do the same sort of thing (Totally copied her – sorry!) I backed the notebook in plain green paper. Then covered half of that in flowery wrapping paper and used washi tape for a line down the middle. It turned out way better than I expected and was really fun!

We left with an amazing goodie bag from Viking. These included my very own washi tape, UniPaint pens, sharpies and a mug to decorate. Thanks for an awesome day Viking!