Days out

My baby shower at Brockholes Nature Reserve

I know the whole idea of a baby shower is actually associated more with America than it is over here but I still kinda wanted to have something before Spike arrives which would mean that I get to see all my friends together before having to worry about babysitting or having food thrown at my head while I’m with them, and things like that. So I asked my friend to organise a baby shower for me!

I am adamant that I do not, at all, want to get married, which is why I picked on my friend Becca and asked her to organise the shower for me, because she would have had the awful task of sorting a hen do out if I ever were to get married! (Sorry about that Becca!) Thankfully though I don’t think it was too painful for her and she arranged a wonderful afternoon tea for me, my friends, my mum, sister and T’s mum and sister at Brockholes Nature Reserve near Preston.

IMG_2551Brockholes is an amazing place! I love it there. It opened in 2011 and me and T went for a walk round there finally last year. It was a lovely day walking around the whole reserve and I remember talking about going back with kids in the future so its pretty fitting that I went there to celebrate Spikes impending arrival! Theres a gorgeous floating visitor centre where they do events and have a couple of cool gift shops and a restaurant. You may wonder what I mean by a floating visitor centre… and I mean exactly that – its a sustainable visitor centre which sits on top of a lake, which was formed by filling in a disused quarry. Its honestly beautiful and pretty damn special in terms of architect and design, if you’re a massive geek like I am!

We got to the Reserve at 2pm and made our way to the restaurant, which is located right on the far corner of the visitor centre and the water pretty much laps right up the windows! Most of my friends had already arrived and I surprised them all by turning up with half the amount of hair I had before due to a cut the day before. Becca had amazingly found some dinosaur shaped confetti for the table and arranged some gorgeous wild flowers in jars for table decorations. She also made uIMG_2552p some cool pick’n’mix bags with ‘Bertie Botts’ beans and chocolate frogs in them for the self confessed harry potter geek in me!

Once everyone arrived we were treated to an afternoon tea platter, which consisted of sandwiches made from the thickest slices of bread you have ever seen, pork pies, these muffins, scones, victoria sponges, carrot cakes and cheesecake, and a gorgeous glass of fresh lemonade. Honestly there was so much on this platter that I don’t think anyone managed to eat all of what they got and I really thought I was going to explode!

After the food was out of the way came the embarrassing bit… I hate being centre of attention so I knew I would struggle with the opening of presents because all eyes would be on me! But oh my, my friends do know how to spoil me and Spike! We got soon much, way more than I ever imagined, and for that I am completely grateful! The pile consisted of more cuddly toys than Spike will ever need, pretty much an outfit a day for the entire 3-6 month period (I asked for that age range of clothes cos I’m short on them!), shoes, teethers, rattles, toys and comforters. MyIMG_2529sister bought me a gorgeous mai tai wrap because I really want to ‘babywear’ and I got the starry-night projector that I wanted to use as a night light in the nursery! My friend who crochets even made a really cool crocheted (or knitted, I’m not actually sure of the difference!) basket to put her pressies in and I got a bit of money towards the photos that me and T have had, and are having, done!

I was completely overwhelmed by the selection of gifts and really love my friends and family for them all. I had already received my travel system from my mum and dad but my dad turned up on the day of the shower with a brand new high chair too, and T’s mum had already bought us a swinging crib for the bedroom so I already felt spoilt before the day!

After all the pressies were opened and we’d ooh’ed and ahh’ed over everything I was embarrassed to find that my reactions had been written down, so that I could read them all out and make it sound like the night of conception…. Thanks friends! Sigh. This would have been embarrassing enough without the fact that my mum was sat over the table and T’s mum was sat next to me and at one point I had said ‘Oh, I can see a bum!’ and ‘Well, its not technically pink…’ I don’t do myself any favours! Haha!

IMG_2553Then, to embarrass me further, we were invited to make a baby out of play-doh… I’m not artistic at all and this was a disaster… my baby looked like a turtle and its head kept falling off! My mums thankfully was just as bad so I blamed her for my talents. One of my friends decided to make me a dinosaur instead which was awesome, and made a baby with such a curl little curl of hair on its head! T’s sisters baby was cute too with its own little moses base and blanket and we pretty much all had a laugh making babies! Prizes were handed out in the form of lollies and unfortunately it was pretty much time to go as the place was closing!

With it being such a lovely day me and my friends decided to take some pics outside and then I had to love everyone and leave them all. It was a brilliant shower and I definitely did enjoy myself and I hope all my friends did too! For most of them, especially those who live further away, it’ll be the last time I get to see them all before Spike arrives which is a weird thought, but for my really close group of 6 who I went to uni with at least Spike can become an honorary member of the group and we’ll become a 7, and they are all going to love becoming aunties I’m sure!!