Raimy hanging from a hoop with blog title and caption of feeling strong through aerial hoop

My favourite fitness class so far – feeling strong through aerial hoop

I’ve written before about how hard it is to find a way to keep fit when working full time and having a child to think about. Before I had Spike my body was completely different to what it is now. I was overweight, I know I was, but I wasn’t the shape I am now and I wasn’t as overweight as I am now. Since having her I’ve tried a number of fitness classes and more… 

Weight issues 

Although I’m overweight, I don’t do dieting. It makes me miserable counting calories and not eating certain foods so why would I want to do that?  Instead I try to keep fit, through exercise. However that comes with its difficulties too. 

Boredom settling in 

I hate exercise that feels like exercise. I tried couch to 5k and gave up after 8 weeks because running just wasn’t for me. We bought an exercise bike, which sat unused in our bedroom because I hated going on it. I have since started using it a little more but only because I’ve discovered the pros of watching television while biking! 

Finding a fun fitness activity 

I need a fitness activity which is fun to make it stick and keep going at it. Last year I shared a blog post about my street dance team and how I’d found that so much fun. I found a new confidence from that team and that fitness class and it was amazing. I was so sad when, during the process of moving, I found that my new area didn’t have any adult street dance classes. 

Aerial hoop for strength and toning 

What I did discover though was that my local area had an amazing aerial hoop and pole studio called Inversion Pole Fitness. Thankfully the confidence I gained doing street dance allowed me to bite the bullet and join just a month after moving. Six months later I can’t live without it. I adore learning new hoop moves and its made me feel so much stronger. 

My favourite moves

Hoop is all about learning new moves and putting them into a sequence. I have a few favourite moves, such as martini glass, jamilla and cross your heart seat. I think I love jamilla so much because its so hard and it took me a while to get it but it makes me feel super strong. Martini glass came naturally to me and cross your heart seat is so pretty. With each move ticked off my list I gain confidence too.

Hoop struggles 

Hoop definitely isn’t the easiest thing to learn though. There is a mount – a way to get into the hoop – called the straddle which is the way most aerialist seem to get into their hoop and I can’t grasp it at all. It involves a lot of upper body strength, and turning yourself upside down to hang from the hoop by your arms with your legs above your head. When it got to 2 or 3 months of trying I came to the conclusion that I probably struggle so much because not only am I not strong enough… there’s a lot of booty to get up and over my head. Which has prompted me for the first time to look at weight loss.

Extra fitness 

It was around Christmas when I started thinking about all the things that might help my hoop journey. I started daily yoga sessions in the hope that the flexibility gained from that will help and it did. Then I also started going on that exercise bike that was gathering dust, 3 times a week. I’ve been a little lax with that lately but have been doing PE with Joe while lockdown has been in place so at least I’m keeping up with that. 

Fitness during lockdown

Obviously my hoop sessions have been paused temporarily due to the coronavirus lockdown. Which I’m absolutely gutted about, but Inversion are doing other classes through zoom and pre-recorded videos which I am hoping to take advantage of. Here’s hoping my hoop days aren’t over though and we get back into the studio soon! 

How do you keep fit? What keeps you going with your exercise of choice and are you able to keep it going despite the lockdown?