My WAHM clothing problem…

Hareems_Sams_Magical_Threads_clouds_readaraptor_wahmI have an obsession. Its becoming a problem, one that seriously needs solving, but with me getting loads of money from somewhere to fund it – not by me stopping it. But I thought it would help to tell you all about it; my Work at Home Mum (WAHM) clothing obsession.

I hate the idea of wearing what everyone else is wearing myself and always go for awesome stuff for Spike, sometimes just stuff bought off the shelves of Tesco and Next, but paired with stuff other kids she sees wouldn’t necessarily be in.

This is probably one of the reasons I can’t help myself when it comes to WAHM clothes. I send hours on Facebook looking through stores and bidding in WAHM dips to try and secure myself a slot. I managed to win myself £20 at one lady’s store by bidding on one number at £2 a few months ago and I nearly hit the roof jumping for joy! I managed to get two pairs of Hareems for her; one pair covered in clouds in 12-18m and one black with multicoloured clouds and raindrops in 18-24m.

I peruse the pre-loved WAHM groups on Facebook too and try and save a bit of money by buying second hand but I feel bad because then I’m not supporting the awesome women out there lovingly stitching those clothes!

IMG_7305I love that these clothes are so different and you can really choose what you want from them, I’ve got a carrier awaiting payment from one store called LexyKinga Designs which is beautiful; I have a payment to make for it that I’m hoping I can afford with my birthday money! I was able to chose my own fabric from a fabric store online and she suggested the right colours for the straps and Spike will look so cool being carried around in it! And I’m hoping a store called Oh Sew Beautiful becomes more well known because her stuff is amazing and I got the most beautiful pair of Maxaloones from Vicky there! Spike also had a bandana bib from a store called Will Sew, which is run my old babysitter, when she wore them (had to stop because she dribbled too much and got really bad dribble rash!) and I’ll always recommend her stuff to my friends!

Some WAHM stores are more well known as others and I know some of my readers will have come across Fred & Noah before, their leggings and headbands are the cutest and as soon as I’m working full time I’m planning on adding more of them to Spike’s collection for sure. Also Spike’s birthday party dress was from another lady who started out as a WAHM and now has a shop in Southport – give her a visit if you are ever in the area!

There are stores that I love looking through that I’ve still not managed to get anything from too, like my friend Tara’s store Tinytee which has the coolest bibs and Sewing Circus, which I believe started out as a WAHM business but has grown to become a fully fledged business with its own studio!

A lot of these stores are just page on Facebook and I honestly wonder sometimes how people find them, but they do manage to! I want to shout out about them from the rooftops, especially as most of them are happy to declare that pink fabrics aren’t just for girls and it isn’t just boys that like robots and spaceships and dinosaurs so I thought I would share my obsession on my blog and help them out a little bit because they do an incredible job!

fred and noah leggings on Spike toddler of Readaraptor Hatchling Blog