Spike and Daddy at Clitheroe Castle with My Sunday Photo caption
My Sunday Photo

#MySundayPhoto – 05/11/2017

Spike and T at Clitheroe Castle in November 2017 - MySundayPhoto


This week has been a strange week. Its gone stupidly fast and had been packed with lots of stuff – but so much so I barely have any photos from any of it!
We went to London but that was full of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (not allowed cameras!), silly selfies and not many decent photos – especially none to highlight as the best. The trip was just me and T, with my best friend and her hubby so there were no pics of Spike with us either.
I spent Friday off work with my family but with Spike in a mood most of the afternoon and we were having too much fun in the morning to take pictures. The afternoon, even with a grumpy Spike saw a visit to Clitheroe to climb the castle though and whilst the actual Castle cheered her up a little she didn’t want pictures taking!
I managed to capture this one which I do love – where it looks like Spike is waving – but the truth is… she’s complaining about her hands being dirty. The view behind them on the murky, mid-autumn day is outstanding and I love that she had so much fun while there too! That’s why is #mysundayphoto for this week!