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Red gums equal red bum | Getting over Nappy Rash with the help of Bepanthen

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Spike always struggles with nappy rash when she’s teething. It’s our tell-tale sign that something is happening in her mouth. The red gums will come but we don’t always see them. Then the red bum arrives, along with “sore, mummy, sore”. With her back molars threatening we have had around two months of sore bums. But Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment is helping.

Few people realise just how much teething can effect the tush. I didn’t until Spike started getting more of her teeth and I picked up on the pattern. So now, if we notice a bit of whinging, the slightest bit of red gum, or red bum, there are two things that need to be on the shopping list. Teething gel and nappy cream.

We’ve tried a range of nappy creams, old wives’ tale remedies and even ignorance to tackle Spike’s red bum problems. The latter feels mean as it never helps. Old wives’ tale remedies sometimes work and sometimes don’t so we don’t know if its just coincidence or not. And a few nappy creams really don’t help at all. I have seriously sensitive skin. So not only do we have to find a nappy cream for Spike that solves her red bum problems, we also need to find something that I won’t react to!

After trying a variety of things that either didn’t work, we found a leading brand which worked. However their Nappy Care Ointment has a few downsides. It stinks for one. It also stays on my hands for ages after applying it and is way more expensive than most other creams, so I try not to use too much of it! Also, it looks like korma poo, and leaves horrible stains in nappies. Thankfully we don’t use reusables, but if I did, I’d be willing to bet it would ruin them.

After using that one for a while I discovered Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment. It’s pretty similar, without the smell, the colour of korma poo, and the sticking to my hands. And it works well for Spike.

I wouldn’t say its as good as the other brand we use, however it costs less, and doesn’t have any of the downsides, which is a massive plus for us. We found that by using this and changing Spike regularly her teething related nappy rash issues clear up in a few days. The fact I can wash it off easily is a massive help too as I usually change her bum and apply it before her nighttime bottle. Once she’s had that she’ll have teething gel on and with other creams I would struggle (even after washing my hands) to find a suitable, pristine finger with which to apply the teething gel!

In our house teething problems and nappy rash go hand it hand. So I’m hoping both are over for us soon. In the meantime I think this will definitely be our go-to for protecting her bum. The teeth can just do their thing. Anything to help Spike not be sore at both ends!

About Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment

Easy to apply, Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment is a breathable carrier cream that protects from the causes of nappy rash. Its a gentle product that cares for and protects babies bums, from day one and can even be used on premature baby’s skin. It’s clinically proven for babies delicate skin, enhances the natural protection of the skin, maintains optimum moisture levels, contains no unnecessary ingredients and contains ingredients with documented safety and benefit. It’s free from potentially toxic ingredients, and potential sensitisers such as fragrances, and it contains no antiseptics or preservatives. Its ideal for use over night and can be left on for long periods such as naps and nighttime sleeps without causing harm in most instances. We used it on my daughter who’s skin is sensitive with no adverse effects.